Fatal Attraction

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Robin POV

My breathing had slowed down as I felt my heart about to explode in my chest. I held the gun in my trembling hands as I tried to figure out how I got myself into this position.

"Relax," his spoke smoothly in my ear as he put he grasped my hands firmly stopping them from shaking.

"All you have to do is pull the trigger," he gave me a reassuring smile as he looked down at me. I turned my attention back to my target as he had not said one word except stare at me with his hard grey eyes.

"Shoot him," Ryan growled in my ear once more as I had become shaky once again. Not feeling control of my body, I watched in horror as my hands raised firm in front of me pointing the gun at Joe.

Red and blue lights lit the room as a loud alarm had suddenly boomed through out the room. My ears started to ring from the sound as I was still frozen in my spot.

"Robin this isn't you," Joe spoke through the loud commotion as he looked at me with the same confused look. He didn't seem fazed by the deadily weapon in my hands as he had made a move to step closer to me. My eyes grew wide with fear as I had no control of what my hands would do.

I had no control.

The alarm continued as I felt my fingers slowly pull the trigger.......

                *                             *

*                               *                         *                 


*                  *                         *


The sound of my phone ringing woke me from a deep slumber as my hand searched for it aimlessly on my bed.
I peeked my eyes over at Alicia as she stirred a bit in her bed as I hoped I hadn't woken her up as I rushed to turn off my phone. I rubbed my tired eyes as I slowly woke up and my phone started making noise again only for me to realize somebody had been calling me and not my alarm.

"I'm tryna sleep here," Alicia grumbled as she turned over in her bed facing the balcony.

"I'm sorry," I whispered apologetically as I got up and walked out to the balcony.

"Hello?" I answered as I stepped out into the fresh morning air.

"Good morning babygirl," Joe's voice spoke through the phone making my heart race in an instant.

"H-Hey Joseph," I replied as I tried to find my voice. I mentally cursed myself for stuttering but I couldn't help the nerves I felt whenever it had anything to do with him.

"Did I wake you?" His raspy morning voice asked sending chills down my spine. Images from my dream played in my mind as I had tried to forget about it the minute I woke up. It was just too crazy and horrid to think about as I didn't understand what it meant. My dreams were often too vivid and intense for me to even handle so I always tried to forget them.

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