Got To Give It Up

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Robin POV

"This place is freaking amazing!" Alicia squealed as we walked around the hotel room.

We had finally arrived in Miami. The bus ride to get here was long and I was just happy we finally made it. This place was truly incredible.

"Wow," I whispered in amazement as I looked around.

This room was gorgeous.

We had a beautiful view from our balcony giving as a breath taking perspective on the city. The bathroom was equipped with hotel luxuries as I had never seen so much scented soap and lotion in one place except the store.   I was tempted to get into the large tub as a hot bath right now sounded very much soothing.

"This is paradise," Alicia sighed as she plopped down on one of the beds laying down as she faced the ceiling. I followed her actions as I hoped onto my bed laying on it too.

I almost moaned at the way the mattress felt against my back as I felt my self drown in the velvet comforter. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of the soft pillow that my head rested on as my body felt at ease.

This did feel like paradise.

"I'm so damn tired," I heard Alicia groan beside me. I turned my head to the side of the bed looking at the clock on the night stand.

"It's pretty damn late. I'm so hungry," I responded as I clutched on to my growling stomach rolling over so that I was facing her bed.

"I swear I could inhale some barbecue ribs right now and I'm vegetarian," she spoke chiming in causing me to laugh a bit.

"Well I'm too tired to even raise the fork to my mouth," I mumbled as I could feel myself falling asleep.

"Well I ain't never too tired to eat," Alicia grumbled as she reached over to the short table dresser between us grabbing the menus that had been placed under the small lamp.

"I'm so glad we don't have practice till Saturday," she mumbled more to herself as she looked through the menu.

I could feel myself falling asleep as I tried to quiet my mind. I still had a nagging reminder that Joe didn't come to class.

He had left so abruptly in the morning without much of an explanation I didn't know what to think. I only seen him briefly when we were getting on to the buses but he seemed pretty busy so I decided to just let him be.

My eyelids felt heavy as I was losing the will to stay awake. I just hoped that he was okay....

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Joseph POV

"Everyone is settled in their room," Dean said as he came into the hotel room we shared.

"Alright," I sighed as I got up and walked over to the mini bar in the room and got myself a drink.

"This place is pretty sweet huh?" Dean spoke as he walked over to where I was and sat on one of the chairs beside me.

"Yeah it is," I told him as I took a sip of my cold beer.

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