Lights Out

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Robin POV

"Come in," I stepped aside as he walked in soaked from the rain. The storm had gotten worse and I could hear the wind from inside my apartment. It honestly freaked me out when I heard knocking on the door.

"We could have talked some other time Joe," I told him as we stood at the entrance. What the hell is he doing here?

"When? We have been avoiding each other for days," He reminded me as he gave me a pointed look.

He was right. After that night at the school we hadn't spoken much. But was now the time to talk?

"It's really late Joe," I reminded him of the time as I looked at him with sorrow eyes denying him his wish.

"Please baby girl," he almost whispered causing my hurt to skip a beat. He was soaked from the rain and he seemed almost desperate to talk. His eyes never left mine as he stood firm in front of me.

"You're gonna catch a cold staying in those clothes," I mumbled as he only wore a shirt and gym shorts that had now clung to his skin. He was literally dripping before me and I needed to buy more time to think.

"How about you dry off and then we talk," I offered as I gestured to the wet puddle he stood in.

"Oh damn! I'm sorry about that," he apologized as he looked slightly embarrassed at the mess he made.

"It's fine, just follow me," I assured him. I gestured for him to follow me to the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom. I could hear the squeaky footsteps he made as walked behind me probably making a wet trail. We walked into the bedroom and I made my way to my closet to find a towel I could give him.

"Is this your room," I heard him ask as he stood by the bathroom door.

"Uh yeah," I felt myself get slightly embarrassed as he was in my room surrounded by my belongings. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable with him looking at my things I decided to clean up a bit while he dried off.

"Here you go," I handed him the red towel towel.

"Thank you. I'll be quick," He took the towel giving me a grateful look before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

I took a deep breath before deciding to do a quick clean sweep of the place as I could feel my anxiety creep into my mind. I rushed to my bed and grabbed all my books and placed them on the night stand next to he bed. I didn't want him to come out and see this mess again. I still couldn't believe he was here. In my bathroom!

I guess after tonight we will find out how things will go from now on. I have to admit, I had been avoiding talking to him by all cost because I didn't know what to say. But more so I was afraid what he would say. There were a million ways the conversation could go but I was afraid of him potentially hurting me. I just need to calm myself down before I get ahead of myself.

In the midst of my cleaning rampage I heard yet another hard knock on my front door. The storm had seem to intensify as I could hear the wind whistling away from inside my apartment. The lights had been flickering for awhile adding to the intensity of the storm. I could feel myself get anxious as I made my way towards the door.

I opened the door as it swung hitting the wall due to the heavy winds from outside. A young man in about his   early twenties stood with a bag of food as his heavy rain coat protected him.

"Hey, I have your order here madam," he spoke as he adjusted his glasses on his face. I looked at him confused as he waited for me to take the bag of food.

"I think you have the wrong house," I informed him as I was sure I did not order any food.

"Um I'm pretty sure I have the right address," he stated as he tried to look for what I assumed was the receipt in the bag.

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