This Old Love

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Robin POV

"As you are all aware, we have an away game coming up this Sunday. We will all be leaving for Miami this Thursday," Dean announced as practice had just started. We were outside once again under the hot sun at the football field. The whole team cheered in excitement as they heard the news. Even Alicia smiled brightly as she sat next to me. I guess everyone was looking forward to it.

I shifted my gaze to Joe as I watched him scribble away on his note pad as he sat on the metal bleachers behind the rest of us. He didn't seem to react much to the news and I figured that he must still be annoyed with what happened. I sighed in defeat as I turned back around facing Dean.

"The buses will be here at 4 pm and everyone on this team is expected to be there. Thursday night we check in, Friday you are all free to explore the city to your own leisure, Saturday we practice and Sunday is the game," he continued.

"He hasn't stopped staring at me," Alicia whispered next to me startling me a bit. I was shocked that she was even talking to me considering that we never really talk unless it's work related.

"Who are you talking about?" I whispered to her confusedly.

"Ryan," she whispered back in excitement.

What the hell?

I nervously scanned the group of men standing a few feet in front of me only to be met by a pair of green eyes staring right at me. I watched as his lips formed a sneaky smirk as he just watched me squirm in my seat. I could feel myself shrink slightly under his watchful eye as he made no moves to stop staring at me. He winked at me cockily and I finally tore
my eyes away from him in panic.

"Oh my god!!" Alicia squealed beside me quietly scaring me a bit.

"He just winked at me," she said in an excited tone. I prayed that he was looking at her and not me.

"Did you see that?!" She whisper yelled as she couldn't contain her enthusiasm.

"Pick the people you want to share a room with at the hotel in groups of three. Obviously you two ladies will room with each other," Dean gestured to me and Alicia as he continued on with his lecture.

He blew his whistle signaling the beginning of practice for the boys, "Drill time!" They all jogged further out on to the field and started practicing.

I was relived that I didn't have to deal with Ryan's gaze boring right through me anymore. I couldn't help but remember what my brother had said to me right before he left. I couldn't help but feel my insecurity walls build up. I was hurt by his words and I was letting them get to me. The last thing I needed was to go back to my depressed state all because my brother said I wasn't pretty enough for a guy to like me.

"I want him so badly," I heard Alicia break me away from my thoughts. I turned to look at her as she looked towards the football field. I assumed that she was watching Ryan by the look of desire and longing on her face.

I watched him with her as he did push ups under the hot sun. He executed them with such ease and quickness not at all phased by blazing Florida sun. He really was a very attractive young man. But he seemed to give me slightly off vibe. I just don't understand how he could go from kind and genuine to rude and aggressive.

Thank goodness Dean came when he did and was able to break the two up earlier. I had just decided to leave while they were all still talking feeling awkward for even being there.

"Do you want to set next to each other on the bus?" Alicia asked me. I was still confused as to why she was talking to me. She never seemed to like me and I just went with our work only relationship. But then again I never did make any attempt to try and be friends with her. But then again It wouldn't hurt to have a friend to talk to.

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