Same old Tales

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Robin POV

I honestly don't know how I get myself into these things.

Here I am in yet another restaurant encounter with Joe and I can't help but feel awkward at the table. I could feel the tension at the table filled with mostly men. One of them my brother, health teacher, boss, and Ryan.

My heart felt like it was going to burst with anxiety as I hoped this lunch would come to an end. I made a mental note to start packing my lunch from now on.

Although today it wasn't necessarily my choice where I wanted to eat. My brother had insisted on taking me and Ryan out for lunch after our little reunion.

"Don't worry  Freckles I'm pretty sure he is gonna be happy to see you," Ryan tried to assure me.

"Freckles?"  I asked him as I raised my eyebrow at him.

After the assembly he had made it his mission to reunite us. After asking me what was wrong for so long, I had finally told him that we hadn't spoken nor seen each in a while.

He had been so sweet to me that I couldn't believe he wanted to help me. Joe had made it seem like Ryan was a selfish person only interested in his own wants and needs.

Instead he comforted me through out the whole assembly and even went to the extent of escorting me to the teachers lounge.

"I like your freckles so that's what I'm going to call you," he winked down at me causing me to blush furiously.

We both stood side by side as I held on to his hand for dear life. I didn't know what to expect when I finally spoke to my brother.

The last time we spoke he hadn't really seemed like he had time for me and I couldn't feel hurt by his actions. Even though he had never abused me like the rest of my family, he still had his tendencies to be insensitive and selfish.

He showed that he cared at times but he always seemed to have an uncaring attitude when it came to me. His only focus was always him. Though I still gave him credit for the times he acted as a brother towards me.

The door opened to the teachers lounge and I watched as he got startled when he saw me standing there waiting for him.

The look of shock was soon replaced joy when he realized it was me.

"Robin?" He asked probably to make sure he wasn't imagining things.

I worked up the courage to respond to him yet still feeling uneasy about him being here, " Hey Jackson." His face broke into a wide grin as his dimples became more visible.

He ruffled my hair and pull me into a tight hug knocking the wind out of me. His familiar scent hitting my nostrils full force as I felt slight comfort in his arms and hugged him back.

But before I could get comfortable, he had pulled away.

"I forgot that this was the school you ran off to. What are the odds of us running into each other," He laughed off as I just smiled in return.

"Are you her boyfriend or something?" He questioned Ryan who had stood behind us in silence.

I watched Jackson he took out his phone probably doing some work for the hospital.

Just watching him reminded me of all the times he was always too busy to help me with any problems I was having.

"Yes I am," Ryan responded confidently. I turned my head to him so fast I could have caught whiplash.

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