Calm Before the Storm

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Robin POV

It was windy out today. I clung to my sweater as looked at the trees surrounding me. The leaves seemed to be changing color a bit due to the seasons changing. I hadn't been to the gazebo in a while and I today I had time to come here. The tall trees blocked too much sun from shining down on me. It was completely silent other than the sound of birds chirping once in awhile, or the leaves rustling as the wind blew on.

I hadn't realize how hectic my new life would be. For someone who wished to be invisible, I kept finding myself in situations where I had to interact with others. I'm still that girl that wants to crawl in a hole and hide form the rest of my life. But I am learning to adjust. Things will get better for me. I hope.

I got up from my spot and decide to head back to the school for my health class. I seriously have to catch up with my school work. All this work from the football team is seriously burying me in a deep hole. Alicia isn't much help, I'm not sure she even likes me. The glares she always give tend to give me bad vibes from her. I don't understand what I have done wrong. Did I offend her in some way? Maybe if I tried to talk to her more we can be on good terms.

I walked into the building and noticed more flyers and posters for homecoming week. I have seen them all over the school since I came in this morning. It seems like its going to be pretty busy around here.

I reached the classroom only to realize that I had to got to the auditorium. I turned around to an almost empty hallway and sighed. I don't even know where the auditorium is and class starts in five minutes. I held on to the straps pf my backpack as  I headed towards a random direction hoping to find the auditorium near by.

"Hey Robin," I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and smiled a bit , "Hey Ryan. How are you?" "I'm actually great now. Where ya headed," He beamed as he looked down at me. "I um, I don't really know exactly," I said a bit embarrassed not exactly looking him in the eyes.  "What are you talking about?" His curious eyes never leaving me. "I have no clue where the auditorium is," I bit my lip slightly as I looked up at him. He reached out his hand for me to take and I looked at him confused. "Come on, we can go together," he stated. I gave him a grateful smile and took his hand.

He grasped my hand carefully and we were on our way. His hand was warm has it held mine. We passed a few people who gave us weary looks and I felt myself get hot at the attention. We reached what seemed to be the auditorium as we joined the last few students arriving here.

"Looks like we are gonna have to sit front row," He whispered in my ear as we walked down the aisle of steps in the dark auditorium. The only light I could see was up on the stage. We quickly found our seats and sat down just as the screen on stage lit up and the audience erupted in applause signaling the start of the show. I had let go of Ryan's hand and settled in my seat.

"Good Morning students, the health department is happy to have a very special guest today!" The principal boomed on the microphone.

"This is about to be boring as hell," Ryan whispered in my ear. I shook my head at him and paid attention to the man on stage.

"The health department has definitely out done their selves for this assembly. Lets have a hand for your lovely teachers that are joining me on the stage," the principal spoke proudly as the students clapped for the teachers that I had just noticed that they were seated on the far right of the stage. I scanned the stage for only one person as I joined the rest of the students in clapping for our teachers.

As soon as we made eye contact I felt my breathing quicken a bit as my heart started to beat faster. He was looking right at me. It was as if he had been looking at me from the moment I had stepped into the auditorium. I smiled at him a bit and he returned the gesture. He seemed to be in a irritated mood. As if he had seen something that upset him.

We hadn't spoke since our date on Saturday. I had a really nice time with him and we had seemed to really enjoy each others company. I still can't believe I was comfortable enough to be alone with him. This was certainly not part of the plan when I decided to move out here. I know that everything happens for a reason and I think I'm actually happy that I met him. I thought back to when he brought me back home after our date...

"You know I know a couple drive in movie theater a couple miles away we could go to sometime, you should definitely get that experience," Joe told me as we reached my door. He had asked me if I had ever been and I insisted that I didn't know such a thing existed. I thought that was stuff strictly from movies.

"I could take you some time if you want," he offered as he stood in front of me as he lifted my chin with his finger so I would directly at him. I felt his intense stare send a shiver down my spine as he closed the space between us and wrapped his free hand around my waist. I placed my hands on his arms as he brought as so close that my breasts were touching his torso. We were in an intimate position and for some reason I knew that he must have been enjoying it. Probably because he smiling down at me in pure amusement.

"I'm waiting for an answer baby girl," he spoke deeply as he looked down into my brown eyes. " I would like that," I whispered in return. I had lost my voice as he had me in trance. I shouldn't be too vulnerable around him. He evokes such emotion from me that sometimes it gets too much to handle.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

It was perfect. The whole night felt wonderful. He actually called me beautiful. I don't think I have ever been described as that before. It's a weird feeling. He said it with such sincerity that I felt like I was going to cry. Now that I think of it, I did tear up a bit.

"Alright, enough of me talking. Now the reason we are here today. We have very well respected and rising surgeon here with us today. He is here to speak to you all about possible careers in medicine. Now would you all give a big welcome to Dr. Jackson Fenty!"

I felt my heart stop as I looked on to the stage.


"Robin you okay?" I heard Ryan whisper to me.

He walked on to the stage and smiled. The applause's were like a loud ringing in my ear. I felt myself get a little light headed. What was he doing here?

"Robin what's wrong?" Ryan asked me again but a little louder this time. The claps had quiet down a bit and it seemed that people may have been looking my way. I looked up on stage and looked to Joe for help. How could he even help me? I saw that he was already looking at me with concern.

My eyes drifted away from him as I watched Jackson take the microphone and squint in my direction as if he was trying to figure out it was really me.

"Robin," he said loud enough for the microphone to pick up and I could literally feel a whole lot of gazes turn to my direction.

"Robin are you okay? Who is he?" Ryan kept on with his questions.

I finally uttered out something so that he would stop drawing attention to us, "He's my brother."

I  was reacting this way because I hadn't seen him in so long. But I was afraid of one thing. That he hadn't come alone. My father usually joined him on his trips.

I really feel like I am going to throw up. Oh please don't let him be here.


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