Just Perfect

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Joseph POV

"Baby girl relax. Just wear whatever you want. You always look great," I assured her.

"Alright fine," she huffed.

"I'll see you tonight," I smiled to myself.

"Okay, bye."

"Bye," I hung up the phone and sighed.

Everything was ready and set up. I just hope she liked it. She wasn't the only one that was nervous about the date but I wanted to be the strong one here for both our sake.

I walked back into my parents house and shoved my phone back into my pocket. The smell of baked goods filled my nose as I made my way back to where the others were. My mother was known for her craft in the kitchen. My mouth watered at the thought of her cooking.

"Where did you disappear to?" Summer asked when I walked back into the living room where some of my immediate family was gathered.

"Why does it matter?" I spat out.

"Why are you always snapping at me!" She yelled.

"Why don't you learn to mind your own business," I retorted.

"HEY!! I won't have you two starting mess again," my fathers voice boomed. She sucked her teeth and I rolled my eyes.

I had come over to the house today because my mother asked me to help my father out with clearing out the backyard for the upcoming family barbecue.

I just think she wanted a reason for me to come to the house. She felt as though I was distancing myself from the family and she just wanted us to bond.

Maybe I was distancing myself and I didn't even realize it.

If I am then I have good reasons to. They would never fully understand what I've been through. They may have witnessed it but it's a different thing to experience what I have gone through. Maybe I still harbor a little resentment from the things that happened.

But at the end of the day they are still my family and family should always be important. At least that is what I was taught.

"Did you guys hear that there is an amber alert or whatever for a missing girl?" My uncle Afa
spoke up.

"Oh dear," my aunt gasped out. I just rolled my eyes. People go missing all the time.

"Yeah, apparently she has been missing for almost a month or so. I feel bad for her parents. Imagine what they have to go through," he continued.

"I thank God every day that all my kids are safe," my mother added on.

"Hey everyone!" I heard Melissa yell as she walked in.

She took a seat on the couch across from me after she greeted everyone in the room. She noticed that I was there and she gave me a look of disapproval and I just rolled my eyes.

"Joseph," she spat out.

"Melissa," I spoke in the same tone.

"Want to explain to me why you left us with that tramp-"

"I suggest you watch how you speak about her," I growled out.

"Joseph don't talk to your sister that way!" My mother yelled.

Of course. It's always my fault.

"Stacey was very upset at the way you just left," Summer added her two cents in.

"Stacey's back," my mother piped up excitedly.

"Yeah, she's back in town. She really wants to talk to you Joe," Melissa looked at me expectantly.

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