Butterfly Kisses

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Robin POV

"Okay we have all the team booked for the away game on Sunday. We have the buses booked too so we don't  have to worry about that either. We just need to make sure we have the water stand ready for our side of the field," Alicia went on.

Today was a busy day for the both of us. Football season was in full effect and the list of things we had to do seemed to have grown. Between school and this, it seems that my schedule would be booked.

I could feel myself sweating in my long sleeve shirt. The sun was blaring today. I can only imagine how the players feel. The coaches were pushing them hard especially with the home game coming up in a few days and then we have another one a few days later.

"I'm not liking what I'm seeing," I heard Joe yell.

My ears perked up at the sound of his voice.

I turned my attention to him as I watched him in action. He had this way about him where he gets into the zone when he is in coach mode. It was like the weather didn't faze him but I could clearly see that he was sweating from here.

He turned to look at our table and caught me looking at him. I was like a deer  in headlights when our gazes locked together.

He winked at me and I could feel my face heat up in embarrassment.

He smirked seemingly satisfied with himself and looked back down to my work.

I thought back to our phone call this morning. He seemed excited for our date tomorrow. Thank goodness it's Friday.

But at the same time I couldn't help but be nervous. What if he realizes that he doesn't like me. Or that maybe I'm really nothing special. There could be so many things that go wrong.

It's times like these I wish I had someone to talk to or consult about this stuff. I'm literally going in with no experience. I don't know what to expect and it makes so nervous.

I heard the whistle blow and I looked up only to see that the guys were approaching the table to get a drink of water. I sat up in my seat and try to hold myself together.

They made me nervous when ever I got to close to them. They were so rough and reckless with their bodies and seemed to get irritated easily. I didn't want to be near them because the got into fights with each other easily.

I glanced to my right and watched as Alicia fixed herself up. She liked the attention they gave her when they came close. She was a strange person in my eyes. She doesn't do much so I have to pick the slack where she lacks and at times it became inconvenient.

It was clear she only took the job to be near the team in hopes of being desired by them.

The boys crowded the table as they grabbed cups of water greedily. The smell of sweat filled my nose as I watched them gulp down the water as they quenched their thirst.

"Hey Robin," I turned my head to the voice I hadn't spoke to in a while.

"Hi Ryan," I spoke shyly.

He seemed so devious which was a completely different look from when we used to talk. I had distanced myself from him ever since the day he put his hands on Joe. I stopped sitting near him in class because I was no longer comfortable near him

"We haven't spoken in a while," he pressed his cup to his lips as he took a sip of his water not taking his eyes off of me.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat not liking the way he was staring at me.

"What ya'll takin bout," another male spoke next to him as he took a seat on the table.

"Boys, this is Robin. The girl I was telling you guys about," he stated as he leaned on to the table. The attention was now on us as I noticed that more of the team had huddled in our section curious to what was going on.

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