Meant To Be

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Joseph POV

"Well that's it for class today. Don't forget next week we have a special guest coming to the school to speak to you all about career possibilities in the health field. Y'all can go," I said dismissing the class.

I sat down at my desk as the exited the room all in a hurry to get to lunch .I rubbed my fingers together contemplating on whether or not to call Robin again. She didn't answer my phone call this morning and she didn't show up to class and I'm a little on edge.

What if something had happened to her?

She would have called me if she was in trouble so that can't be it. But I can't help but feel that something isn't right. I shook my head and rubbed face furiously. I have to stop thinking about her all the time.

The door opened and I turned my head to the person who walked in.

"Hey man, you wanna grab lunch with us?" Dean asked.

"Who else is coming," I stood up packing my things.

"Your cousins asked to tag along." He responded.

"Alright I nodded," We walked out together.

* * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

I took of my drink and let the cold beverage cool down the raging war I have in the back of mind.

Why didn't she come?

Why didn't she let me know she was't going to come.

Do I even have the right to know that?

If she were mine I wouldn't even be having this problem.

" Aye yo Uce!" I heard Jey yell at me.

"What?" I grumbled.

"You ain't even listening man, whats up with you?" He asked.

"Nothing," I took another gulp of the cold drink. I'm gonna need more than a fucking coke if I don't hear from Robin soon.

"You never told me why you rushed out the other day," Dean said giving me a pointed look.

"I had to be somewhere," I stated simply.

"So what's up with you and Red Robin?" Dean asked sipping his drink. I rolled my eyes already knowing whats coming.

"Red Robin?" Jon asked in confusion.

"Check this out, you guys remember that day we were at the mall and Joe sumo wrestled that chick to the ground?"

They must have remembered because they all started laughing hysterically. Now that I've grown to have some feelings for her, the memory itself made me cringe. I never meant to hurt her. I can only imagine how she feels.

"Yo I remember that shit! She fucking flew!" Jimmy yelled as he laughed loudly.

"That's what I said!" Dean said joining in.

"Alright cut it out," I had enough of them making a mockery of her.

"Sorry man but even you have to admit that was hilarious," Jey said stuffing his face with fries.

"It's not," I said leaning back.

"Well the girl goes to the school and now works with us in the football department," he said as a matter of fact.

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