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Robin POV

"Welcome to my home," he said while locking the door behind him.

"Let me just clean up a bit," he said hurriedly as he started running around trying to get things in order.

He insisted on me spending the night at his place because he didn't feel comfortable with me staying at my place because of the state it was in. He was also still on edge of the whole burglary thing. I was still shaken up about it so I agreed with not much convincing.

I found it slightly strange that I was open to spending the night with a man I don't know much about but at the same time I felt like this is exactly where I am supposed to be. I felt more comfortable around him. I mean there has to be a reason why he was the first person I called when I got scared instead of the police.

But I was curious as to what he sees in me. Why he always seems to be around or why we always seem to cross paths. He seemed thrilled when I agreed to spend the night with him. I had packed an overnight bag and he promised to take me back home tomorrow. We don't have school tomorrow so I guess I'm going to spend the day cleaning up the mess that was made.

I shivered at the thought of someone breaking into the one place I thought I was safe. It didn't really look like he took anything. More like just trashed the place. I wish I had seen his face but at the same time I'm glad I didn't. I would have had nightmares about him and I was definitely not trying to go back to my sleepless nights.

"I'm sorry about the mess," he said as he tried to put a stack of papers away.

"Joe it's fine really,"  I said clutching on to my overnight bag.

"Alright, um I uh guess I should show you to the guest room," he said reaching for my hand.

We walked up the stairs and he led me to the bedroom.

"I never really expected to use the guest room ever so it really isn't all that fancy," he stated as we stepped into the room. The room was pretty simple, nothing fancy. The theme of the room seemed to be the color grey.

"Joe stop stressing, this is more than fine," I assured him.

He seemed pretty nervous. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable and I was more than grateful. I let out a yawn and covered my mouth a little embarrassed.

He chuckled, "Somebody's tired."

"Yeah, it's been a long night," I said dropping my bag to the floor.

"Well I will let you get some sleep then."

He stepped close to me and I could feel the hairs standing on my neck. He stood in front of me and caressed my face and my eyes closed on their own accord.

"Thank you for calling me. You have no idea what that means to me," he whispered as his lips lingered on my forehead. I place my hands on his sides as I got comfortable in this position.

"Thank you for coming," I whispered right back.

"Always," he pressed a kiss to my forehead and I inhaled deeply. I felt my insides flip.

Why do I feel this way?

"Goodnight baby girl," he whispered huskily before kissing my forehead one more time and walking out the room and closing the door behind him.

I felt cold as he left me taking all his warmth with him. I felt a slight pain in my chest as I yearned for him to be right back here with me and hold me again.

I shook my head.

These thoughts are going to drive me crazy.

"What am I doing?" I breathed out.

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