Hide and Seek

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Joseph POV

"Stay in your car do you hear me? I'm almost there," I said seriously.

After I got her to tell me her address, I wasted no time in getting to her.

My heart was racing and my hands were sweaty as I grasped on to the steering wheel tightly. I didn't have time to explain to Dean what was wrong but I'm sure he would ask questions later.

The only thing on my mind was Robin's safety.

When I get my hands on who ever dared get near her, I'm gonna kill them. I'm pretty sure I've broken all of the speed limits and passed through enough red lights.

"Please hurry," her fragile voice spoke through my speakers in the car. I had told her to stay on the phone with me because I was not taking any chances not knowing that she was okay.

"I'm here baby," I said pulling into the parking lot of the apartment complex. I turned off the car hung up the phone and searched for her car.

I spotted her car and walked up to the drivers side. She was seated knees up and clutching her phone. I lightly tapped on the window so I wouldn't startle her.

When she saw it was me her face instantly showed relief and she rushed out the car and latched on to me.

I wrapped my arms around her trying to calm her shaking body. "I'm right here baby just calm down and tell me which one is your apartment," I said pulling away from her and looking down at her.

"I'll uh take you there," she said still shaken up. I nodded and we walked together as she took the lead.

Her small hands gripped my large ones tightly and I rubbed my thumb on her hands to try to soothe her.

We reached her apartment and I noticed the door was slightly open. "Right there," she pointed to the door.

"Do you live with anyone at all?" I asked her.

She shook her head, " No I live alone."

We heard a crash coming from the behind the door and I was on rage mode.

"I need you to stay out here baby and call the cops. Can you do that for me?" I said taking her face  in my hands looking at her intently.

She nodded her head shakily as she was scared as hell. I pressed my lips on her warm forehead to reassure her and she grasped on to my hands.

I let her go and sent her a look meaning to stay where she was.

I walked into her place careful not to make any noise to tip if the intruder that I was in here.

Some furniture was turned and a few of her things were shattered into pieces. I tried to be quiet as I stepped on shards of glass. I was filled with anger that someone had the guts to break into my girl's house.

The lights were off and it was hard to see but I could definitely hear that there was someone here. I clenched my fists and walked towards what looked like the bedroom.

I saw a figure walk across the room raiding  just making a mess in there.

There was no point in me hiding now.

I got his ass insight.

I opened the door wide startling the intruder as he turned to me, "Who the hell are you?" he asked me startled and tried running past me but I was quick to shove him against the nearest wall.

"I should be asking you that! What the fuck do you think you are doing breaking into this place!" I asked him pressing my arm on his neck as he struggled to break free.

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