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I saw Percy at school on Friday. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "Tomorrow," I whispered to him.

"I know," He whispered back.

His ADHD was more active than usual. His arms and legs moved on their own accord. He was in his own world all day. The air around him hummed with excitement.

I got home and went into the kitchen to get a snack. To my surprise, my dad was there, reading the newspaper. I walked quietly, hoping to not get his attention.

"Ugh," He muttered. "Another pride festival. Those- those-" He muttered something indistinctive, but I knew it wasn't pretty. I walked away, but caught one word.


I made a dash for my room. I wasn't sure what to do. I put down the bag of of chips I was holding and collapsed on my bed. I counted the glow in the dark stars I had put on the ceiling many years ago.

I slowly picked up the phone and dialed Piper's number.

"Hello?" Her voice was melodious as usual and even through the phone, I felt calmer already.


"Why'd you call me?"

"I'm not sure... Wait! Don't hang up," I switched hands. "I feel sort of uneasy about Saturday,"

I heard an exasperated sigh. "Jason, really? You two are head over heels for eachot-"

"It's not that! I... What about my dad? What if he finds out? He'll hate me..."

"Whether he hates you or not is his problem," Piper said. "Your dad's an asshole anyway,"

"Piper," I said. "He's one of the only family I have left."

"One of, you still have Thalia."


"And us! I'm practically your mom now, right?" Piper said.


"Son, listen," She said with urgency. "My son, I am your mother,"


"We're all family,"

"I know, it's just..."

"That your dad is important to you? I understand..  Just know that you are doing nothing wrong by loving someone."

"I know, Piper, I know." I said. "But he can't know. He can't."


"And in one more year, I'll move out. He doesn't have to know..."

"Just know that our family will always be here to support you. Through everything. Okay?"

"I know, mom,"

I could hear her smiling through the phone. "What a good son,"

"How's you and Annabeth then?"

"I think she might like me back."

"You think? She's always staring at you,"

"You forget that I'm the daughter of Tristen McLean and a lot of people stare at me. Doesn't mean they're romantically attracted to me,"

"I'm sure she likes you. If you can get half of the school to fall in love with you without trying, you can definitely woo Annabeth."

"Have you met Annabeth Chase? She's not like everyone else. I'll do it, though. Somehow I'll score a date. I can score a date if a dork like you can, lover boy."

"'Lover boy' my ass. I scored a date. You haven't." I said, smugly.

"Shut up. I'm going to win her heart faster than Aphrodite herself."

"Good. I'm expecting to be best man at your wedding."

"Shut up, as long as I get to be maid of honor at you and Percy's wedding."

I laughed. "Sure, sure. Talk to you later, Beauty Queen."

"Go get him this Saturday, Lover boy."

"Alright, lover girl."

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