Chapter 30: Stubborn Love

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Ethan Redfern had never been a coward, never wanted to be a coward and never will be a coward.

But, he couldn’t help but feel like one as he hide from Zayn and his army of guards and followers, cowering away from the man who had taken everything from him, put him through so much during the past year and possessed so much threat to not only him, but his family, and the girl whom he loved.

With a sigh, Ethan folded his bandaged, injured – but healing – arm behind his head, in between his soft blonde hair and the rough bed sheet over the make-shift bed on the marble floor in one of the many secret tunnels and rooms under the Royal City. He was staring up at the rocky ceiling above him, the only light in the room was coming from an old electric lamp.

Evelyn was up there, above the secret tunnels, in one of the many buildings and rooms within the Royal Palace. She was the reason that Ethan had withstand that whole year of torture and pain. She was the reason that he hadn’t let himself die yet. She was the reason that he hadn’t left that god forsaken palace.

He shivered.

And if wasn’t a shiver from the constant bone chilling winds and the freezing winter temperature of the secret tunnels. The shiver was from the thought of what kind of torture Evelyn must had been through herself.

The Kind may claim that he loves Evelyn, but Ethan knew Evelyn didn’t feel the same for him, and that must be driving him crazy. Zayn was the King of the vampire race, the human race, and almost every other hidden supernatural species on the planet. He ruled most of the world beside from Antarctica and Australia - guarded by the werewolf race along with some of the only free humans and witches left on the planet.

“You bastard.” Ethan muttered under his breath. “Zayn, could have any women in the world, you could have as many women as you want, and all of them will be willing to spread their legs for you… Why would you have to put Evelyn through all this pain just because you want her and she doesn’t want you?”

He laughed humourlessly and grabbed a fistful of the thick, woolly blanket that Aaran had provided him with.

“Zayn, I swear, I will make you pay for what you had done to me and Evelyn.” Ethan vowed. “Even if it kills me, I will get my revenge.”

“Still cursing that stupid King?” A familiar cloaked figure chuckled as he entered the room. “You better not hold your breath for that revenge scheme. If it was easy to kill Zayn then trust me, the Resistance would have already done it… Dear cousin, you might be a smart human, but you’re still a human. Leave the fighting to us wolves.”

“Aaran, you’re only half a wolf.”

“Still half a wolf more than you will ever be.” Aaran smiled back teasingly at his younger cousin.

Ethan rolled his eyes. “You shouldn’t be telling that to me, you should be telling that to my father. Remind him that just like me, he’s also a powerless human without any control in this world of supernatural.”

“Your father only wants what’s best for you, your future, for your race.” The cloaked figure smiled softly and took off the velvet black hood, freeing him from the shadow of the cloak and revealed a handsome face.

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