Amazing things can happen when you believe.

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We all have dreams, aspirations and goals in life. We expect to reach them all, but there's always that rock that makes us trip in the way to success and we start to focus on the negative and it should not be that way.

There's that girl that seems invisible to everyone, just because she's not "skinny, pretty, smart enough". She feels rejected, alone, worthless, useless, not good enough, because mean people made her feel that way. She has an eating disorder, did you know that? and the fact you call her fat, makes her feel even worst. She's a self-harmer, did you know that? she cuts her wrist, thighs and arms cause she hates everything about herself... it has become an addiction and you must be happy, because you made her feel that way. She's suicidal, did you know that? she wants to put an end to everything, here and now. She attempts suicide very often... It has become a daily struggle. You can't just go and judge a book for its cover without reading what is it about.

Dear girl who feels that way: You are beautiful, smart, worthy of all the love in the entire world. Don't let anyone bring you down, cause you're a warrior and I believe you'll get through this. You will win this battle, 'cause every battle comes along with a winner. Your scars are a battle wound, as Demi Lovato would say and the fact that you're still standing tall and faking a smile, its inspiring because it shows how strong you are. I may not know you and you may not know me, but I'm proud of you and I care about you.

There's that boy who's called nerd, idiot, not handsome enough, invisible... He feels alone, useless, worthless, not good enough. Boys have feelings too, they're human being. He's depressive, you know? you made him feel like trash, just because he doesn't have a "six-pack"... He needed your help, not your insults. He's a self-harmer, you know? You made fun of him because he's over weighted and that hurt him... it has become his drug. He's suicidal, you know? Your jokes went too far and he started to think he doesn't have a reason to live anymore, even know he does.

Dear boy who feels that way: You are such a special human being in your way, sweet, smart, and every girl would be the luckiest to have a boy like you by her side. Its okay to cry and to feel lost... You are human too, babe. You were born this way and God makes no mistakes as Lady Gaga would say. You're strong enough to go around with your manhood, pretending everything's fine and I admire you for that.

If you have a dream, go and make it come true. Don't let anyone tell you can't do something, because that's the biggest lie you'll ever hear and the day they see you on tv, selling out arenas or saving/defending people's live, they'll regret the day they dared to call you "useless and worthless".

Amazing things can happen if you believe.

I sincerely believe in what you can do. I believe in what you are. Don't pretend be someone else just to fit in a group of superficial people.

Be you.
Be totally carefree, baby.

                                                                       -Sincerely, a special friend.

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