Chapter 15: Siege Of The North

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FYI Mushu is about the size of a horse now. I'm making him bigger so eventually, Kaida and the others can use him for transportation. Just so you don't get confused :D

"Why. Did. We. Have. To. Climb. The. World's. Coldest. Goddamn. Iceberg." Mira hissed out each word as she punched a hole in the iceberg and continued climbing out of breath. "Stop whining. It's not that bad." Mori stated as he was far ahead of us and almost to the top. "Remind me again why we couldn't just fly there on Mushu?" She asked sending a look towards Mushu who was flapping his wings behind us. "He isn't big enough to carry all three of us and this way we won't be spotted," I explained stopping for a moment to catch my breath. "You two are so slow." "Oi! Shut it Frosty! Not all of us are immune to the cold like you!" Mira yelled at him as she continued climbing the frozen wall. "How the heck did he get up there so fast?" I muttered as I resumed climbing. I grabbed onto a small ledge and lifted myself up only for it to break. "AHH!" "KAIDA!" I closed my eyes and prayed Mushu would get to me fast enough. However, I opened my eyes as I saw I wasn't falling anymore, "Woah! You're air bending!" "A little help?" Mushu flew down and grabbed me and flew me to the top, setting me down next to Mori. "Hey! What about me you flying Lizard?!" Mira yelled as she appeared at the edge. Mori and I went to help her, "Mira, you seriously need to lay off the roast duck." "Did you just call me fat?!" "Guys, stop fighting someone could hear," I stated as we pulled Mira up. "How did you airbend? I thought you didn't know how." "I don't, maybe it was just instinct?" I questioned more to myself than to them. "Come on, we have to get there before it gets dark," I said walking as I created a small fire to keep my warm. Mushu walked beside me, Mira and Mori followed behind us, I saw Mori shrug out of the corner of my eye. I shivered as the wind blew roughly, I cupped my hand over the flame to keep it from going out. "Kaida, we need to find shelter. It looks like a blizzard is going to start soon!" Mira yelled over the wind. "We have to get to the Northern Water Tribe! We're almost there!" "It can wait until the storm is over! We're of no use to anyone if we're frozen to death!" Mori shouted. "Maybe you should listen to them," Mushu suggested as I continued walking. "I need to find Zuko or Aang..whoever. I need to help them, I have a feeling Zhao is up to something dangerous." I explained breathlessly. The wind increased slightly as it started snowing, "MIRA!" I stopped and turned around to see Mori kneeling down next to Mira. I quickly ran over to them, "What happened?" "I don't know she started swaying then she passed out. She's freezing." He stated as he placed a hand on her face. "We need to get her somewhere warm." I looked around trying to spot a cave or something. Nothing. I looked back at Mira as I tried to think of how to help her. 'Come on Kaida. Think!' I scolded myself mentally as Mori tried to wake her. 'Maybe I could...' I pushed Mori out of the way slightly. I closed my eyes and placed my hands together. I could feel the warmth start to spread around my hands, I opened my eyes to see my hands glowing slightly orange. "What are you doing? You could burn her!" Mori said, "Not if I focus on not creating any flames. It's kind of like how some water benders can heal, I can try to focus my energy on increasing her body temperature." I explained placing on hand on her stomach and the other on where her heart is. I closed my eyes and focused all of my energy, 'Please work. Please.' I ignored everything around me to make sure I was focused, I could feel the warmth from my hands start to transfer to Mira's body. "Woah. H-How is she doing that?" "It's an ancient firebending method. Mainly used by nurses and doctors. Kaida is transferring her energy into warming Mira's body." Mushu explained. I started to feel lightheaded as I felt the last of my energy transfer to Mira. "Kaida. You need to stop." Mushu warned coming over to my side to keep me up. I opened my eyes as looked at him to see he was a bit blurry. "Stop. Mira is fine." Mushu explained gesturing to Mira who wasn't pale anymore. I stopped, "Thank you Kaida. Let's get somewhere out of this storm." Mori stated as he picked up Mira while Mushu grabbed me and set me on his back to carry me. "Mushu?" "Don't worry. We'll find your ponytail brother and the Avatar." "Thank you." I thanked him as I felt myself grow tired. My eyes slowly slid closed as I could feel the warmth coming from Mushu. 'Ha. Dragons are portable heaters. Who would have thought?' I smiled to myself as Mushu followed Mori. 

I was sitting in Appa's saddle with Zuko and Aang was in the front. "We've been riding for hours. I don't know why, but I thought this thing would be a lot faster." Zuko said as he looked over the edge. Then Appa growled, Mushu who was sitting next to me said "I agree with you buddy, he is so ungrateful. I mean you are the one carrying his royal butt." I saw Aang and Zuko look at me, "What he's the one who said it." I said holding my hands up in defense. Zuko glared at Mushu while Aang just kept looking at me, I just sat there uncomfortable until he turned back around and said "Appa's right, Zuko. In our group, typically we start out our missions with a more upbeat attitude." I looked at Zuko as he hit his head on the side of the saddle as I heard him say "I can't believe this." "Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it." Aang says as Appa pushes his tail down to gain some speed and soar through the cloud at a faster speed. " Hey, Kai?" I ignore Zuko as he turns towards me. Honestly, I'm still mad at him. "Kaida?" "Look! We're here!" Aang tells us. I look to see us nearing an island. I looked at it in shock, "Whoa." Appa lands by some ruins, we all get off and start walking in a small valley. "Even though these buildings are ancient," Zuko says as I walk towards one of the walls,"there's something eerily familiar about them. I can tell the Fire Sages' temples are somehow descended from these." I look at one of the walls to see a picture of a girl surrounded by fire with two dragons on either side of her. "Ran and Shaw..." I hear Mushu say. "You know them?" I ask and look at him. He nods, "C'mon better not loose ponytail and arrows." I nod and walk beside him. I run and catch up with them as Aang is talking, "The past can be a great teacher." He states then trips over a wire causing the ground before him to drop and reveal sharp black spikes. However, Aang manages to airbend himself safely to the other side. He lands and looks back at Zuko and me, embarrassedly. "Zuko, I think the past is trying to kill me." Zuko ignores him and leans down to inspect the wire. "I can't believe it. This booby trap must be centuries old, yet it still works." "And, there's most likely more. We should be careful." I stated looking at them both, but mainly at Aang. He smiles awkwardly at me. Zuko takes a step back and starts to run on a wall, then lands in front of Aang. They look back at me, I roll my eyes before backing up. I start running, but before I get to the spikes I do a handstand and launch myself over the spikes. I do a front flip and land in a crouching position in front of them. I stand and dust myself off, I see them both with a shocked expression on their faces. "What are you two waiting for? It's not like we've got all day." I stated as I walked ahead of them. "So cool/Show off." Zuko and Aang mumble behind me as they start to follow. I looked around at all the markings on the walls until I spot another picture of the girl from before. Instead, this time, there's a picture of a guy standing next to her and they're holding hands as they each look up at a dragon. "Mushu who's that-Mushu? Mushu!" I start to panic as I see that he isn't near me. "Mus-"

I wake up to the sound of a fire crackling, I open my eyes to see the ceiling of a cave. I blink and turn my head to see Mira, Mori, Mushu, and Zuko? "Zuko? How the-" "You wanna tell her or should we?" Mira hissed at him as they glared at each other. "Tell me what?" I asked sitting up. Then I noticed Aang passed out beside Zuko. "Aang!" "Kaida don't," Zuko stated as I went to check Aang. I looked at Zuko confused, "What did you do? What's going on? Why is Aang passed out?" I demanded to know. "This is for the both of us Kaida. If father has Aang we can go home and he won't be after you anymore." "So you're willing to sacrifice my friend?! I'm not going to let you! No one else is going to die because of me!!" I yelled at him as tears started to stream down my face. "Else? What are you talking about Kaida?" Mushu asked concerned and confused. Zuko looked at me guilty, "Kaida. He's the enemy. You have to understand, this is to help you. To help both of us. With him captured we can go home. All of us, you, uncle, and I.""No! This about you and your stupid honor! I don't want this! Aang is my friend! I don't want this! I-I...." I stared at Zuko trying to figure out what to do. 'Zuko or Aang? My family or my friends? How am I suppose to decide? Am I really willing to betray my family and nation? This is where I choose my destiny. But which one Kaida or the Dragon?' 

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