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February 17, 2016

"I'll miss you, Peyton.." Luke whispered in my ear after we heard the call for his flight. He was going on tour and would be away for a while.

"Skype me every day?" I smiled up at him because he was taller than me.

"Definitely," he nodded, kissing my nose. He grabbed my cheeks and kissed my lips for a few seconds before pulling away and leaving with the other boys. I heard the rolling of his suitcase as he walked away from me.

Luke and I had been dating for about three years, so I had been in Australia while he went on each of his tours. We got together right before he went on the Take Me Home Tour with One Direction in 2013. I was used to him being away. Skype kept us together.

Luke would be coming home mid-March for a break. He always came home to be with me during his breaks. He wanted to see his family, too, but we always spent a lot of time together.

I didn't know that the next break would be any different. Mid-March seemed to be quite a little while away, about a month. I knew could handle it, though. I just needed to Skype Luke every day. That way, I'd be able to see him every day, at least the days I Skyped him.


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