november 29th, 2020

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"good morning lamp.

good morning plant.

good morning sink.

good morning chair.

good morning wardrobe.

good morning tv.

good morning rug.

good morning skylight.

good morning room."

the little boy stopped in his tracks and turned around.

"good morning daddy."

the twenty four year old turned around and smiled down at the boy.

"good morning tuck." the soon to be five year old returned his father's smile and climbed up onto one of the chairs.

"hey daddy?"

"what's up baby?" calum placed a plate with a piece of peanut butter covered bread onto the table and picked up tucker. he sat back down on the chair with the little boy comfortably in his lap, tucker's back pressed right up against calum's t-shirt covered chest.

"how many more days until i turn five?"

"ten days bud."

"okay." tucker grabbed the bread and the two fell into silence. when tucker finished he stood up on calum's lap and turned to face him. he grabbed calum's face and squished his cheeks. "daddy?" tucker's brown eyes stared straight into calum's identical colored ones.

"yeah tuck?"

"i love you." calum pulled tucker into his chest and buried his face within tucker's neck and hair.

"i love you too tuck. you're my whole world."

"what's the world? is room the world?"

"no tuck. the world is much more than just room." calum pulled back and pressed a kiss to tucker's forehead. "okay let's get you dressed."

tucker jumped off of calum's lap and ran the short distance to the wardrobe.

"can we play soccer today?" tucker asked looking up at his father. calum handed the boy a pair of grey sweatpants and a navy blue long sleeve. the little boy took them and pulled them on. "soooo can we?"

"socks and teeth first." calum said grinning down at tucker. a smile grew on tucker's face and he grabbed the socks out of his father's hand. he slipped them onto his feet and ran over to the sink and climbed up on the step stool. 

calum slipped some black sweatpants on over his plaid boxers and pulled a matted green hoodie on top of his worn out white t-shirt while watching the four year old rush to brush his teeth.

"tuck slow down or i'll make you do it again." tucker mumbled an incoherent response at calum but complied. calum walked up behind him and grabbed his own tooth brush.

"you didn't take your shirt off again today."

"were you spying on me?" calum teased, mouth full of toothpaste.

"maybe." tucker's face flushed red with embarrassment. "why don't you like taking your shirt off? is it because of your scar?"

calum sighed at the boy's curiosity. "yeah bud. it's cause of my scar."

tucker turned around and looked up at calum. "why don't you like your scar?" tucker grabbed the hem of calum's sweatshirt and lifted it up. calum shook his head and pushed the sweatshirt back down.

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