Chapter 1-New Kid

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Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this story. I'll post a few more chapters tonight. Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 1

"LUCAS! Wake up, you have to meet your tour guide at 7:30." Lucas moved the comforter off of his face and stared at his alarm clock, the bright red numbers of 6:45 were hurting his eyes. He slowly sat up in bed and angrily got ready for school. He had just recently moved here from Austin and even though he got along with most of the people on the football team, he didn't know anyone else or the school. It was his senior year and he couldn't dread it more. Lucas was extremely attractive; he had naturally tan skin, a strong jaw, bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair. He was incredibly muscular and toned from working on his granddad's ranch.

"Bye mom." He leaned over and kissed her cheek and walked out the door.

"HAVE A GOOD DAY HONEY!" Lucas hurriedly ran to his truck and drove to Burleson High School since it was 7:20. The one good thing that came from this move was his new truck, he was pretty sure his parents only got it for him so he'd be less angry. A black 4 wheel drive dodge did lessen the blow, at least he was still in Texas. He put his truck in park and ran to the office, where he was supposed to meet his tour guide. Up until now the only thing he'd seen was a locker room and football field.

"Lucas Friar. I'm meeting a tour guide."

The receptionist looked up from her computer. "Hello Lucas, welcome to Burleson High School. Riley should be here in just a few moments, there was practice this morning. Have a seat."

"Thanks." The green eyed boy took a seat in the chairs and began to glance around outside of the office. There was a giant elk statue in the center of the hallway with a staircase on either side. "Where is he?" he whispered. As soon as the words left his mouth, the office door opened. An absolutely stunning girl walked through the door, she had long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Her eyelashes made her more desirable and her smile was, wow. Lucas realized he was staring and quickly looked to the ground, still anxiously waiting for his tour guide.

"Hello Riley!" The receptionist exclaimed. Lucas threw his head up and looked at the girl, it wasn't a guy like he had originally thought. He was pleasantly surprised.

"Hey LouAnn. How are you?"

"I'm great Riley, are you here for the tour?" The brunette nodded and the receptionist pointed towards the chairs to her right. Lucas' heart was beating crazy fast as she approached him and he could tell his jaw was open but, he had no idea how to close it.

"Hi. I'm Riley Matthews. Welcome to BHS a.k.a. Burleson High School." Lucas stood up, throwing his back pack over his shoulder.

The green eyed boy cleared his throat, "Lucas Friar. Nice to meet you."

"Do you have your schedule with you?" He shook his head, and began to pull it out of his pocket. Even her voice was beautiful. "Thank you. Oh we have some classes together this year, which should make it easier for you. Just, stick next to me."

"No problem." He wanted to hit himself in the head.

"Anyways, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to transfer schools your senior year. But, hopefully I can make it a little easier to navigate." Lucas opened the door for her and they stepped out into the hallway that was starting to fill with students. "Thank you. That's sweet. Okay so here we have our cafeteria and the stairs that lead to more classrooms which is super boring. Come this way." She led him down a long hallway lined with green lockers. "This is where all the vending machines are, even though some teachers don't allow food and drink others do and this is where you can get them." The green eyed boy was nodding his head but couldn't help checking her out, her body was incredible. "Down this hallway is the athletic hall. You have locker rooms for all sports, the dance room, practice gym and arena."

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