Meeting The Crew

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((Ross' POV))

"Did Ross finally get a girlfriend?" a voice said as soon as I walked in pulling (Y/N) behind me.

I looked and saw Adam laughing like crazy.

"Adam..she's not my girlfriend." I explained

"Then who is she?" he asked

"Just a friend of mine from high school, (Y/N) this is Adam also known as SkyDoseMinecraft. Adam this is (Y/N) also known as (Yt/N)." I said as they just kind of waved at each other.

Then Jin came around chasing Barney around. Perfect timing guys!

"Barney! Give me Muffin!" Jin yelled chasing Barney

(Y/N) giggled. She was always kind of cute..just I don't want to ruin our friendship so I just hide that I kind of like her.

"Hey guys! I want to introduce you two to someone!" I said trying to get their attention

"Um..Ross cans it waits? I'm kind ofs runnings away froms Jin" Barney said as Jin snatched Muffin out of his hands.

"Ha! I got my Muffin back! Well anyway..Ross you can continue Now" Jin said, sitting down, making sure Barney dosen't get Muffin.

"Jin, Barney this is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is Jin and Barney, also known as JinBop and ThatGuyBarney."

"Possibly the new employee at SkyMedia" Adam said

"R-Really?!" We all asked

If (Y/N) gets the job she would have to move here..which would be amazing! She needs to get this job!

"Yep! Ross told me about you one time not to long ago that you like editing videos and stuff. And we could really use another editor around here" Adam said looking at Jin, who was looking at (Y/N)

"That would be awsome! Thank you Adam!" (Y/N) said trying her best not to jump up and down and start fangirling

Wait..Another editor? She's going to be working with..with Max?! Gosh dang it!

"Would Max be okay with that? You know how mad he can get.." I asked

"He'll just have to deal with it. Come on I'll show you your office" Jin offered

"Sure" (Y/N) said as she followed Jin to Max's office

Wait. Max's office?! She's going to share an office with him?! What the heck?!

((Jin's POV))

I walked (Y/N) to Max's/her office. I knocked on Max's door.

"Max open up! I gotta show you something! Its important!" i yelled

"What do you want?" he asked opening the door

"This is (Y/N). She's going to be sharing an office with you because you both edit and stuff" I explained

"Oh..O-okay. Come on in then" Max said

As soon as (Y/N) walked in he closed the door behind her. I'm guessing I inturrupted something. Whatever!

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