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Hello all, welcome to the end of the book.

1) Addressing the issue of a sequel:

Yes, I have played with the idea. I've actually written quite a few chapters. But I've decided against it. There are so many ideas I want to put into book form, and there is just not enough me. So I've decided to end the book here and let your imaginations fill in the blanks.

2) WryterBook:

I know that most of you have no idea what this is. WryterBook is a free service that is known for their work in cyber security. It's a free service, you simply sign up for it by going to By doing so you're helping to protect your book from plaigarism across the web. So far they've deleted my book off of 2 other websites wehre my work was stolen. And for everybody that signs up for this free service, they'll be donating $1 to my charity, Wounded Warriors Project. So please consider signing up for this service.

Love you all, thank you for everything. Toodles!

-Rachel <3

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