Chapter 6

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They talked a bit more, conversing about random subjects as they waited for their food to arrive. Their conversation ranged from hobbies to favorites and what nots, just wanting to get to know one another. Louis learned that Harry himself was great at cooking, he enjoyed singing and that he was also a CEO of his own corporation. Harry learned that Louis worked at a coffee shop, that he had a large family and that he enjoyed reading and dressing in women's clothing, something that intrigued him.

As the food was set on their table, they thanked the waitress and began eating, Louis eating a bit 'neater' than he normally would, wanting to give the older man a good impression.

Harry himself used better manners than he ever had, wanting the small boy to establish that he was well raised, he was well raised, just never ate 'properly', you may say.

Louis and Harry indulged on the delicious food, ordering a dessert of tiramisu, splitting with one another. As their dinner ended, they walked out of the restaurant, leaving a generous tip of $25, Louis wrapping his small arm around Harry's large one, Harry leading them outside and over to the car where he opened the car door for Louis, letting him in before closing the door. He walked around and over to his own side, getting into the drivers seat and setting his hands on the steering wheel after putting his seat belt on.

"So.. where to, baby doll?" Harry asked as he turned over to look at the now blushing boy.

"Uh.. we're going somewhere else..?" Louis responded shyly, staring back into his deep green eyes.

"Only if you'd like, I could take you back home?" he spoke out as he raised an eyebrow.

"Well.. I still want to be with you.. can we.. maybe go to.. the park and just walk around..?" he looked down at his lap as he felt the curly haired man peer down at him.

Harry hummed in response, his hands moving the steering wheel and pressing on the gas as he drove away from the restaurant, a comfortable silence falling over the two.

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