DAY 14

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Day 14 marked the 2/3 mark of Calum's and my time to date each other before getting engaged. It had been two weeks since we met.

Calum decided that she should do something nice, but he wasn't sure of what we should do. Callie took it into her own hands to plan something for us.

The whole day, I had no idea what she had planned. She wouldn't tell me. When Calum tried to ask, she wouldn't tell him either. It was making me mad. I wanted to know. She told me that at 5:45, we could leave my apartment to go to Calum's apartment.

Calum and I were sitting on my couch mid-afternoon still with about three hours until we could leave. We began talking about random things.

"If we get married-" Calum began. I cut him off.

"If?" I questioned.

"Sorry.." He smiled, "when we get married, where would you want to live?"

"I don't know. Somewhere around here. Maybe we could get a house between our apartments so we could go see either Callie or one of the boys easily. Plus, I'd want to stay around here because it wouldn't be far from my family or yours either."

"That's true," he agreed, "yeah, I'd like to get a nice big house.."

"Do you want a lot of kids?"

"Well, yeah, I guess," he nodded, "and I'd like to have a lot of dogs."

"I know how much you like dogs," I laughed.

"Everyone does," he informed me, laughing, "but I think it would be in ice to have a large family with lots of dogs."

"That would be nice," I smiled, thinking about our future.

"I can just picture us with our kids and our dogs. We could watch the run around and play with the dogs and with each other. I can't wait until we have our own family."

"Yeah, but what about your tour? When are you leaving?" I wondered. He cleared his throat and looked down.

"I'm leaving in about a month for our next tour.." He sighed.

"Oh," I nodded, thinking about how much that would change. I bit my lip and looked at him, studying him to see what he was thinking about it. He didn't seem very happy either.

"I don't want to leave, but I have to. Also, it's my job, and I'll have to be away for months at a time.."

"Wow," I gulped, trying to hold back tears. I didn't want him to leave, especially soon after we get engaged.

"Well, Lilliana.." He smiled, "I guess if I bring the idea up to Adam, I could bring you along with me? You could go in your with us?"

"That would be great," I got excited, "if I'm allowed, I'd love to go. I wouldn't be away from you, then."


"I'm so excited! I love talking about our future together. I've done that with previous boyfriends, but this time it's different. That's because I know that we have a future together."

"I know we do. It'll be amazing."


A little while later, it was finally 5:45, so Calum and I could leave for his apartment. I was so excited to see what the boys and Callie had set up for us.

Calum and I were still talking about the tour on the way to his apartment. Ever since he brought up the idea of me going with him, I was elated. I couldn't wait.

We finally arrived at Calum's apartment, and I opened the door of the car to get out. I walked up to the door and watched as Calum closed his door and strolled towards me.

"Are you ready to see what they've done for us?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded.

"Okay, let's see.." I opened the door slowly and walked in. It was pretty dark, but there were a few candles lit. I looked to find the source of the light, and I found that there were two thin, white candles on the table in the dining room.

I looked back at Calum and smiled. He also liked what they had done. There was a sheet hung up separating the dining room from the kitchen. You couldn't see the kitchen from the dining room.

I laid my coat on the couch as Calum walked towards the table. I made my way towards the table, and Calum pulled my chair out for me.

I smiled and thanked him as I sat down. I scooted in, making the chair screech a little. Calum chuckled as he sat down in his chair and slowly moved it in, making sure it didn't screech.

Someone emerged from the kitchen, walking from behind me to beside me. It was Michael.

"Tonight, for you guys, we are all out of most things," he talked in an accent, "which is probably because we never bought anything fancy.. But is pizza alright for the menu tonight?" He broke the accent, "because if it isn't, you'll be hungry."

I laughed, "we'll take pizza."

Soon, he brought pizza out. Calum and I ate the pizza as we talked about how this was nice, even though we were eating pizza. It had been a really nice two weeks with Calum.

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