20: Giving Birth part 2 ( His POV)

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" NIALLLLLL!!!!!!"

I was in the garden with the lads and we were playing football when i heard Sarah's screams coming from the kitchen. We all ran inside and there i saw my wife standing in the kitchen. She was surrounded by a puddle of water.

"What happened?" I asked as i helped her out of the kitchen.

" My water broke, we need to go to the hospital now" Sarah said very calmly.

I helped her in the car while Eleanor grabbed the hospital bag and put it in the trunk. And then i got in the drivers seat.

" You guys can just stay here in the mean time, if you want. We will call you when the babies are born" i said to the others.

*** ( skipping thr ride to the hospital)

We had just arrived at the hospital, i could tell Sarah was nervous, since the babies was early. But luckily the docotors at the hospital know what they're doing. Once we got in we where greeted by a nurse.

" Hi, I'm nurse Jackie" she said as she greeted us.

" Hi, I'm Niall Horan, and this is my wife Sarah" i said smiling.

" My water broke 20 minutes ago, and my contractions are 10 min appart" Sarah said.

" Ok, lets get you a wheelchair honey" the nurse said.

We where taken to a private room right away, and then Sarah was changed into a hospital gown.

" Who's your docotor?" The nurse asked.

" Dorcor Wilson" Sarah said.

" Ok, i will call her then." The nurse said as she left our room.

As we were waiting for the doctor to come, Sarah had another contraction and it was a big one. I held her hand and calmly wispred sweets words in her ear. Just as the contraction passed Dr. Wilson came into the room.

" Hi, Niall and Sarah, how are you doing?" She asked

" We're doing great, just had a big contraction" Sarah said.

" Ok, I'm just going to check how many centimeters you're dialated" the docotor said.

" Ok, Sarah you're actually 10 centimeters, so you're ready to push" Dr Wilson said.

Hearing those words put a giant smile on my wife's face.

" Ok, Niall i need you to hold up Sarah's right leg, and the nurse will hold up her left leg" the doctor said.

I did as i was told. And like that, Sarah was ready to start pushing.
It was 20 minutes later and Sarah was yelling at me how much of my fault this was, and all i could to was apalogize. But it was a bit funny.

" Come on Sarah, one more push, and you will have your first daughter here" Dr Wilson said.

Sarah gave one more push, and then we heard the screams of our beautiful daughter. I got to cut the umbilical cord. The best moment of my life. The nurse cleaned her up, and gave her back to me. While she got back to Sarah who was ready to push again.

" Welcome to the world Ruby Isabelle Horan" i said as i kissed her forehead.

She was now wrapped in a light purple oncie and a jacket and a beanie. I put her down in her bassinet and went back to my wife to help her get our second daugther out.

" Come on baby, you can do it. I'm so proud of you. Now let's bring Olivia Grace in to this world.

Sarah pushed a few more times and then we heard the screams of our daughter Olivia Grace. I got to cut the umbilical cord again, and then they took her to be cleaned up, and dressed. After a little while they where both laied on Sarah's chest and the nurse came to ask us their names for the birth certificates.

" So what will be the girls names?" The nurse asked

" Olivia Grace Horan, and Ruby Isabelle Horan" Sarah said.

" Beautiful names. Is this how you want to spell them?" The nurse asked us and showed us.

" Yes" i said to the nurse.

She wrote down their weight and how long they where. Ruby Isabelle was 4 lbs and 7 ozs. And Olivia Grace was 5 lbs and 3 ozs. Ruby was 48 cm long, and Olivia was 53 cm long. They where both perfectly healthy. The nurse then left the room to give us some time alone. I called my parents, the boys and girls, and Sarah's parents. I said i would be posting a picture of them on Instagram and send one to my and Sarah's parents. Liam & Sophia and Louis & Eleanor was really excited to find out which of the girls would be their god daughter. I told them we would let them know when they visited in the hospital.

I then went back to my wife and my beautiful girls. I took Ruby from Sarah, so that we were each holding a baby.

" Thank you so much Sarah. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of being a father. I am so proud of you for bringing our girls in to this world, and i love you so so much" i said as i kissed my wife.

She had happy tears streaming down her face and i wiped them away and kissed her again.

" Thank you so much Niall for everything you have ever done for me. I know you will be an amazing dad to Ruby and Olivia" Sarah said and she kidsed me.

At this moment Ruby and Olivia where lying next to each other on the hospital bed, and they where holding hands. It was so beautiful so i took a picture and posted it on Instagram

niallhoran: Introducing Ruby Isabelle ( right) and Olivia Grace Horan ( left). Born on May 30th 2016! I am so unbelievably proud of my wife Sarah. She gave me the greatest gift of being a father. I am so in love with my girls already!

 I am so in love with my girls already!

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A/N: So, that's it. The pregnancy series is done. I will make a baby series as well. But now i need a little break. I will let you all know when i start the baby series! Thank you so much for all the reads and votes this series has gotten.

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