18: Trip to Ireland (Her POV)

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You and Niall had decided to take one last trip to Mullingar, before you couldn't fly anymore. You where now 8 months pregnant, and in about 2 weeks you couldn't travel so you decided to take a week's vacation in Mullingar. I was so excited to go to Ireland, and i knew  Niall was to.


Me and Niall had just landed at the airport in Dublin, and had collected your luggage. We were now walking to meet Greg and Denise who was picking us up.

" Sarah, how are you? How was the flight?" Denise asked as she gave me a hug.

" I'm good, and the flight was good. Surprisingly" you answered with a smile.

Niall and Greg, was putting the suite cases in the trunk, while me and Denise got in the back seat of the car. The drive from Dublin to Mullingar was a bit long, but it was ok! After about 1 hour we were in Mullingar. The boys took our luggage while me and Denise just went straight into the house. There i was attacked with hugs from Maura, Chris and Bobby. I was so happy.  After Niall had taken our suite cases up to our room it was time for dinner. It was delicious, we had roast, mashed potatos and vegetables. It was my favorite meal ever. Maura was a better Cook then Niall, but don't tell him i said that.

After dinner, Me, Maura and Denise took a walk around town. Niall was a bit hesitant to letting me go, but he knew full on he had no say in the matter.

" So, Sarah are you all done prepearing for the girls to arrive?" Maura asked me

"Yes, we have everythig sett, even the hospital bags are packed and everything." i smiled at my mother in law

"Are you gonna be there when i give birth?" i asked both Maura and Denise

"No, honey, we will come after the girls are born, you'll do fine, Niall is there With you" Maura said.

"Yeah same for me, Greg and Theo. We will come to London once you've had the babies. Denise said.

We walked a bit more, before i started getting tired and wanted to og home to Niall. The weather was so Nice, it was sunny and still super warm, even though it was way past 8 PM.  Me and Niall always loved coming to Mullingar, and i knew that this time around would be just as amazing as all the other times we had been in this amazing town. No Wonder Niall loves his home town and home coutntry so much.

A/N: So, that's it. The next part is up. This pregnancy series is soon coming to an end. The next two parts will be where  Sarha has the babies. I'm so excited about writing those parts. I will of course be writing a baby series, a todler series, a children series, and a teenage series. Hope you all like this part. Please comment and vote.

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