16: Letter to Ruby Isabelle

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Dear Ruby Isabelle

Ruby Isabelle. That's the name your father and i chose for you, and we absolutley love it. We know you will cary the name with pride. Your sister's name is also beautiful, and we just know you both are gonna love the names we chose for you. Your dad and i have waited so long for you and your sister to arrive, and now it's only 2 months away. I remeber the day i told your father i was pregnant, it was his birthday last year, and he was so happy.  The day we found out we were having two Girls was the best day in our lives, we were so happy. It is our deepest hope that you and your sister Olivia Grace will grow up and be the best of friends, and that you will always be there for each other. We hope that you will always follow your heart wherever it may take you, you will always have your father and i's full support in everything you choose to do in life and we hope  that you'll always be happy doing what you love.

Your father and i love you so much Ruby Isabelle, i hope you know that honey. These last 7 months have been amazing, i have been so excited and also very nerveous at times. I have always wanted to be a mum, and now i get to be the mum of two beautiful girls, and Your dad and i could not be happier.

Your dad is truly an amazing man. He treats me like a queen and i know he will treat you and your sister the same way. I can't wait to see how he will be with the two of you, he is already so in love with you both and so am i. There are so many other people who can't wait to meet you and your sister. Your grandparents and your uncle Alexander and aunt Julie. And then there's your dad's parents grandma Maura, and grandpa Bobby and step grandpa Chris. Your uncle Greg, aunt Denise, and cousin Theo. There's also your dad's bandmates, your uncles Louis, Liam and Harry and your aunties Sophia and Eleanor.

As i sit here and wonder about how your life will turn out i hope it will be a good one. A life filled with lots of love, laughter and happines. You are one special girl, and your dad and i just know you'll do sommething great with your life.

We love you so much our sweet and precious Ruby Isabelle xx

A/N: So, the letter to Ruby Isabelle is up. I will write a seperate one for Olivia Grace. Hope you all like it. Please comment and vote.

Lots of Love😘xx

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