Chapter 17 - Family Reunion

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Later that night, I was at my house and I had invited Calum with his family over. I had asked Shaylee to come to my house, and she did.

Michael came to my house, brought Ski back and brought Sophia and Parker with him. Luke came back with Rylie, Kit, and Charlotte. It was like a huge family reunion.

Rylie and Ski met their uncles that they hadn't met yet. Shaylee reunited with Luke, Michael, and Calum. Kit and Parker had met their dads just less than an hour before, and they were meeting the other boys who we considered their uncles.

It was crazy at my house, but there were so many reunions going on, and I loved it. I got to meet my daughters' boyfriends. I got to find out that their dads were two of my best friends, and I got to meet their mums.

"So you're Rylie's dad, Mr. Irwin?" Kit asked, shocked.

"I am. She didn't tell you?" I wondered. He shook his head no.

"I don't know why she didn't tell me. Maybe it was a sensitive subject. I didn't know that she had even told anyone about me, though. We were in a secret relationship.."

"Yeah, I knew that. Rylie just told me about you today. Why were you keeping your relationship a secret?"

"I don't know. Rylie just asked if we could keep it a secret. I agreed, and I went along with it. Maybe you could ask her to see why."

"Thanks Kit," I smiled, and he nodded, walking back towards Luke.

I made my way towards Rylie. I wanted to ask her why she wanted to keep her relationship a secret with Kit.

"Rylie Anne," I began. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around towards me on her heels.

"Yeah, Dad?" She wondered.

"Why did you want to keep your relationship with Kit a secret? He didn't know why, and he just told me that you were the one that decided to keep it a secret."

"Yeah, I did. I'm sorry for keeping it a secret from you," she apologized.

I shook my head, "it's fine, Ry. I just want to know why you wanted to keep it a secret. Why would you keep a relationship a secret?"

"Well.. This thing is.. I sort of knew that he's Luke's son. I was worried that if mum found out or if you found out that you'd know too, and you wouldn't want me dating him. I didn't know when we were going to tell you guys."

"You knew that Kit was Luke's son? How did you even know about Luke? I didn't introduce you to him until today.." I began to get confused.

"Well, when you had told us about your band that you were in while we were in one of your classes, I looked you up later that night. I found out that the names of the people in your band were Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford, plus you."

"Why wouldn't you tell me if you knew that Kit was Luke's son? That's important, Rylie! You know how it felt to not have a dad. Why would you not tell your boyfriend that you know who his dad is?"

"I'm sorry.. I just wasn't thinking. Plus, I didn't want you or mum not approving because I'm dating Luke's boy. Again, I'm sorry."

"Rylie, I'm not mad. Just please don't keep secrets, especially ones like that, okay?" I looked her right in the eyes.

"Okay, I won't," she agreed and walked away from me.

*Shaylee's POV*

I finally got to meet back up with Luke and Michael. I had already met up with Calum once since the night of the going away party, but I still liked to be able to see him again. I was surprised that we all had kids now. Luke and Michael had just found out about their kids that day. Ashton's and my daughters were each dating either Michael's boy or Luke's boy. I never thought it would happen like that.

"Jess, can you believe what's going on right now?" I asked my old best friend who was now Calum's wife.

"I can't believe it at all.. I never thought it would end up like this. It all changed because of that party a few nights before the boys left. That's when both you and Charlotte got pregnant. And Sophia got pregnant before that, even.."

"Yeah, it's crazy. I'm glad all of this happened, though. I'm also glad that I don't have any more secrets bottled up. Soon, Rylie and I will move in with Ashton. And Ashton and I are getting married. I just can't believe any of this. It's crazy how life works..."

"I know," Jess nodded and walked towards her husband and kids.

I talked to Kit a little and Parker too. I was glad I got to meet my daughters' boyfriends. I was surprised that Rylie was dating Luke's son. Ski was dating Michael's son. This was all a crazy spiderweb of friends and family.

Rylie walked over to me while I was talking to Kit. Kit placed his arm around Rylie's waist, and she smiled at him.

"Mum..." Rylie murmured, not looking directly at my face. I became concerned.

"What's wrong, Rylie? Are you okay?" I wondered. Kit seemed to get worried too. He tightened his grip on her as if to protect her.

"Yeah, but..." She paused, "what would you do if I told you I was pregnant?"

"You're pregnant?!" I exclaimed, getting sort of angry with her.

"You're pregnant?" Kit asked in a softer, more comforting tone.

"No.. I'm not. I just wondered what you'd do if I told you I was pregnant.." She looked up at me, then at Kit.

"Rylie, don't scare me like that," I scolded.

*Rylie's POV*

"Ry, you don't need to think about telling us those things.. You know we'll be alright if that ever happens. I love you," Kit whispered in my ear quietly. I smiled. He had passed my test. I really did love him, and I knew he loved me.

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