Chapter 15 - Charlotte and Kit

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Later that night, I began to think more and more about Rylie dating a boy named Kit Hemmings. Also, his birthday was close to her birthday and Ski's birthday.

"Ski!" I called upstairs to her room where she was unpacking.

"Yeah, dad?" She yelled back down, coming out of her room and standing at the top of the stairs.

"Would it be okay if you stay here and I go to a friend's house for a little while? I need to talk to him, and you know where everything is, right? You can have anything in the fridge. Don't hesitate to eat something if you're hungry."

"Yeah, I'll be fine," she nodded, then told be goodbye as she walked back towards her room.

"I love you!" I exclaimed so she could hear me.

"I love you too!" Her words came tumbling down the stairs towards my ears.

I walked towards the door and left so I could go to Luke's house. I got into the car and began to drive away from the house.

Luke had a small house just a mile or two away from my house. He lived by himself, just like I had before, so he didn't need a large house.

I pulled into his driveway, and as I walked to his front door, I saw it swing open. Luke walked out of the house.

"Hey Ashton! How have you been?" He asked. We didn't see each other as much as we had because we both had different things to do now.

"I'm good. You heard about Shay, right?"

"No, I didn't.. Come on in," he invited me in and we both walked into his living room.

"I met up with Shaylee again, and we're engaged now."

"Really? Congrats, Ash."

"Thank you.. We met up again because her daughter, well, daughters are in my high school band and chorus."

"Wow. She has two daughters? Or more? And who with?"

"Well, yeah, she has twin daughters. They're actually, uh, they're my daughters too.."

"You mean..?"

"Yeah. Ski is living with me now because she had been living with Adam and Lexi Robinson. Shaylee gave them Ski, and they adopted her. Ski just found out about a week ago about Shay and me being her parents. Rylie has lived with Shay all of her life, and they're packing the rest of their things. They're moving in with me too, soon."

"That will be great. I bet you're happy."

"I am. But there's one thing I need to tell you about.."

"What would that be?"

"Well, Rylie is dating a boy in her grade named Kit Hemmings."

"Hm.. I don't think I know him," he thought for a minute before shaking his head.

"I asked Rylie if she knew his parents' names, and she told me that he doesn't know his dad, but Charlotte Hayes is his mum's name."

"Charlotte Hayes? Charlotte. Emily. Hayes? That's his mum? And his last name is Hemmings? He's the same age as Ski and Rylie? No way."

"You know Charlotte Hayes?"

"How could I not? She went to our school, and she was amazingly pretty. She was at our going away party, and I, uh, I sort of.. had sex with her."

"So are you saying..?"

"I don't know. If Charlotte Hayes is Kit's mum and his last name is Hemmings. Also, if Kit is around the same age as Ski and Rylie, then probably."

"This is just crazy."

"I know. Shaylee got pregnant with the twins the night of the party, right?"

"Yeah. Their birthday is the 19th of October, and Ski told me she thought that Kit's was just a few days later. He could possibly be yours."

"Fuck," Luke hit himself in the head, breathing deeply and slowly, getting calmer and calmer as he went on.

"I think you should meet up with Charlotte. You should talk to her about this. You shouldn't worry if he ends up not being yours."

"He most likely is. It's terrible. I don't know anything about having a kid of my own."

"Neither do I, and that's why I'm glad they're sixteen now, so I don't have to know how to raise them. Just think of when you were a teen. Remember that, and you'll be fine, if Kit really is your son."

"Okay.. Thanks Ashton. I'll maybe meet Rylie and Ski soon? Then I could talk to Rylie about showing me where Charlotte and Kit live, and she could maybe go with me."

"Yeah, I'll bring them over sometime."

"I'll see you then.." He yelled to me as I walked towards my car in his driveway. I got into my car and drove away after waving at him.

I went home and called to Ski to announce to her that I was home. She came running down the stairs.

I sat down on the couch, and Ski came up behind me to plop down on the couch beside me.

"So where did you go?" She wondered.

"Oh, you know.. Just a friend's house. I was in a band with him."

"5 Seconds of Summer. Did you go see Luke, Michael, or Calum?"

"Luke.. How did you know my band and the boys' names?"

"I listened to you guys' songs all the time as a kid. So you went to Luke's house because you think he might be Kit's dad?"

"You know their last names too?"

"I know Luke's. I forget Michael's and Calum's last names. It's been so long since mum and dad- err, Adam and Lexi have talked about you guys. They stopped talking about you guys around me after a little while."

"Oh," I nodded, "well.. Calum's last name is Hood, and Michael's last name is Clifford."

"Did- Did you say Clifford?"

"Yeah, why?"

She bit her lip before she spoke, "That's Parker's last name."

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