Chapter 14 - Hemmings

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After about a week, Ski told me she was completely packed and decided that she would move in with Dad. She began to live with him while Mum and I still packed the rest of the stuff from our apartment.

Ski and I would talk at school about how much happier she was now, now that she knew her real family. She also told me that dad had been talking about his wedding with Mum. I was really excited for that.

"So were you shocked when they announced that we were twin sisters?" She asked. I shrugged.

"Right before she said it, I knew that's what she was going to say. I mean, we have the same birthday, we look alike, and you were adopted by friends of your parents. My mum and your adoptive mum used to be really close, even closer than they are now. I sort of knew what was happening."

"Wow. I just couldn't believe it. Plus, what's the chances that my best friend is my twin? We've been friends ever since we were just little. We do almost everything together, but I still didn't know we were twins.. It amazes me."

"Yeah. Now let's get back to work," I told her. We worked on our floor routine for a while in gymnastics before the bell rang and we got changed.

After Ski and I were both changed, we went to our lockers and gathered our things before making our way to the music room.

We walked in, and Dad was sitting at his desk, looking over some tests about key signatures that he had probably given to his ninth grade class.

"Hey girls," he greeted as we walked in.

"Hey dad," we spoke in sync.

"You're not going to be all creepy and talk like twins in horror films, are you?" He asked, laughing.

Ski and I looked at each other. We smiled and answered synchronized, "nope."

"Oh god," dad laid his head in his hands.

Dad put his things into his bag, and we left out of the back door before walking towards his car. I sat in the back while Ski sat in the passenger's seat next to Dad in the driver's seat.

"So, Ski.." Dad paused, "tell me more about Parker.."

"He's my boyfriend, and he's a senior. We've been dating for about ten months now," Ski informed him. I had known every detail about every conversation they had, and I had known every action that happened between them. Ski told me everything.

"That's about how long your mum and I had been dating before she got pregnant. And you are about two years younger than we were, so I don't want the same thing happening to you, you got that?" He looked at Ski sternly. She nodded her head.

Dad looked behind himself to see me sitting in the backseat. He asked, "you don't have a boyfriend, do you Ry?"

"Uh..." I bit my lip. I then responded slowly, "yes."

"You do?" Ski exclaimed, "and you didn't tell me? When? When did this happen? More importantly, who is your boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me?" She bombarded me with questions.

"Sorry I didn't tell you, Ski.." I apologized, then continued talking about my boyfriend that no one knew about, "his name is Kit Hemmings."

Dad slammed on the breaks. I was glad there was no one behind him. He turned around towards me, shocked.

"Did you say Hemmings?" He asked curiously. I nodded rapidly, not sure of why he was reacting this way.

*Ashton's POV*

She said Hemmings.. There's a boy around her age with the last name Hemmings. I would have to ask her what his parents' names are. I'll have to ask Luke if he knows anyone named Kit Hemmings. Maybe he was related to him? It might be one of his cousin's kids.

I nodded after she answered my question, and I turned back towards the front of the car. I began driving again, and we were now close to Shaylee's apartment where I'd drop Rylie off. Soon, they would be living with me. Shaylee and Rylie were almost done packing up their things.

After we arrived at Shaylee's and Rylie's apartment, I asked Rylie a quick question before she got out of the car.

"Ry, what are Kit's parents' names?"

"His mum's name is Charlotte Hayes, but he doesn't know his dad. I'm guessing his dad's last name is Hemmings," she shrugged.

I nodded, "thank you.." I smiled as I kissed her on the cheek, "I love you, Rylie."

"I love you too, dad," she smiled, grabbing her book bag and gymnastics bag before getting out of the car.

She walked into her apartment, and Shaylee walked out to say hello. We left after Shaylee stepped back inside the apartment.

As I was driving home with Ski, she asked about my reaction to Rylie having Kit as a boyfriend.

"So you know Kit?" She wondered.

"No, I don't have him in class. Is he in your grade?"

"Yeah, he is. I'm pretty sure his birthday is a little bit after Rylie's and mine because we're always compared as to how old we are in the grade, and he was born a few days after we were."

"Oh," I nodded.

"Rylie and I were born in the 19th of October, and I think he was born on, like, the 22nd of October or something like that."

"Wow. Hm," I thought.

"So why did you react the way you did whenever Rylie said Kit Hemmings?"

"Ski, please no more questions."

"No.. Please just answer that one," she begged as we pulled up to the house.

"Fine. All I'm going to say is that I know a Hemmings."

"Really? Who?" She asked and I looked at her. She looked down, "sorry."

We got out of the car and I grabbed her things out of the trunk and the backseat. She had a lot of stuff to bring for her room.

"This is your house?" She looked at it, "and only you live here?"

"Yeah, I used to be the only one living here. Now you live here," I smiled at her as I handed her a box.

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