Chapter 13 - Rylie's Sister

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A few minutes later, Adam and Lexi arrived with Rylie's twin. The three of them walked in, and I called Rylie out of her room. She wouldn't come out at first because she was playing piano, but I walked back to her room and told her to come out.

Ashton was talking to Adam and Lexi and catching up because he hadn't seen them for about the same amount of time that he hadn't seen me. I walked out of the hallway, and Rylie walked out from behind me.

*Rylie's POV*

I said hello to Adam and Lexi, and I talked to my mum. She then asked Lexi what I had asked her.

"I thought she walked in behind me," Lexi answered.

"I'm here!" I heard a voice from in the living room. I walked down the short set of stairs from the kitchen to the living room.

"Hey Ski," I smiled, sitting beside her.

"Hey Ry," she looked around the living room, "so you guys are packing and moving in with Mr. Irwin?"

"Yeah, we are. Why did my mum invite you guys over without telling me that you were coming over?"

"I don't know. But guess what!"

"What?" I grinned. She seemed really excited, and I wondered if either of her parents told her anything about her biological parents. She gets really excited when they give her the slightest bit of information, but she seemed a lot more excited today.

"My parents said that I'd be able to meet my biological parents soon!" She exclaimed. I gasped.

"Oh my god, Ski, that's great! That's so exciting! Are you going to, like, live with them then or are you staying with your parents that adopted you?"

"I don't know. It depends. They said if I want to live with my biological parents, that I could. They seemed really sad though. I'm just excited to meet them."

"I would be too. That's awesome, Ski. Do you know where they live? Because if they live out of the school district, you better not move to live with them. I don't know how I'd live if you moved to a different school."

"No, I'm definitely not moving to a different school. If I do want to live with them, but they live in a different school district, either they move into the school district, or I don't live with them. It's as simple as that."

"I still can't believe you're going to meet your parents. Your actual biological parents.."

"I know! I'm super excited."

My mum and dad walked into the living room with Adam and Lexi walking in behind them. Mum sighed before beginning to talk. She always sighs when she's nervous.

"Ski, I heard that your parents told you that you'd be meeting your biological parents soon, huh?" Mum smiled, and Ski nodded. Mum continued to speak, "well.. I also have something to announce to Rylie. She's finding out about another part of her family too."

Ski and I looked at each other, confused. I really hoped she wasn't pregnant. That would be terrible to have a baby in the house right after all of this happened with dad.

"Who would that be? I don't have a sibling I don't know about, do I?" I wondered. I've always wanted a sister, but I've had Ski that has been like my sister.

"Actually, yes.. You have a twin sister that you don't know about."

I began thinking. I had a twin sister. My birthday is the same day as Ski's. Ski was there when my mum was announcing this to me. Ski was going to meet her biological parents soon. Ski and I looked a lot alike. It all made sense now.

Adam then spoke, "and Ski, I know for sure that you've already met both of your biological parents."

Ski gasped, "really! Who?"

I hit my lip, waiting for it. Adam and Lexi looked at Mum and Dad. Dad and Mum both said at the same time, "us."

Ski squealed, covering her mouth in excitement. She jumped up from the couch and hugged my mum and dad, crying. I was so happy for her to finally meet her parents, but I couldn't believe that her biological parents were my biological parents too.

We had always joked when we were younger that we were close enough to be sisters. Now, we knew that we were.

Ski walked over to me with her arms wide open. I hugged her, crying a little after seeing her cry.

"We really are sisters.. Just like we joked around about when we were younger," she smiled at me. I hugged her longer.

"This is amazing," I sighed, completely satisfied with this.

"I couldn't be any more happy," she declared.

"Me neither," I smiled, letting go of her.

"So I'm guessing you'll want to move in with them?" Lexi asked Ski.

Ski looked at me and grinned before looking to Mum and Dad and smiling the same way. She looked at her adoptive mum and nodded.

"You can move in with us, but I'd suggest after Shaylee and Rylie move into my house. It would be easier for you just to move all at once instead of moving here then to my house. Or, if you have everything of yours packed before Shay and Ry do, then you could move in with me. It would just be you and me for a little while if that's okay," Dad nudged Ski.

Ski smiled from ear to ear, "That would be completely okay with me. I'm so excited. I love you, mum and dad, but I have to be with my real mum and dad."

"We understand, sweetie. We'll still see you, but it's alright if you live with them," Adam assured her.

"I will," Ski nodded, looking in my direction and grinning.


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