Assalam Alaikum, hello, hey , hi, Merhaba :)

This is my first ever story as a writer...I hope and i wish you guys will like it or appreciate it. I am new writer so if you guys have any suggestions for me feel free to tell me and if there will be any confusion or something you guys don't like regarding the story you guys can tell me anytime...but please NO HATE...

I will learn from my mistakes and IN SHA ALLAH will not repeat them in future, will polish the mistakes :)

So no more talking :D and yes you all will be thinking "HEYY WHERE IS THE PROLOUGE OR THE FIRST CHAPTER" don't worry i will IN SHA ALLAH write it, but need you'r HELP too...Do comments and tell me what do you think about the story description so far, so that i can UPDATE...That's all folks...:D

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