Always trust your instincts

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In the early hours of the morning, Will gently shakes my shoulder and whispers something inaudible. Not wanting to wake up, I reluctantly blink away the blurriness of sleep from my eyes as I begin to adjust to my surroundings.

With my eyes fully open, I am suddenly confronted by Will's face leaning over me as he stifles a yawn. "Morning..."

The moonlight shines through his golden, sandy hair, as he brushes an errant strand impatiently out of his glistening green eyes. Tommy suddenly sits bolt upright and jumps to his feet. In an attempt to steady himself, he puts his hands on his hips and looks a little dazed.

Will continues, "If you don't get up soon, I'm gonna need matchsticks to keep my eyes open!"

Rubbing my dead shoulder I exhale as I sit up. "Okay, okay, I'm getting up..."

By the time I'm standing, Will is already lying on Joe's rucksack. Pulling his hood up around his face, he smirks. "Thanks for keeping it warm for me!"

Relaxing his shoulders, he closes his eyes, and within minutes he's fast asleep.

I turn to Joe. "I seriously don't know how he does it! That boy can sleep anywhere!"

Clearly not listening, Joe continues to stand rigidly with his back to me, staring into the tree line. I glance back at Will and notice that his face looks softer, even a little vulnerable as he sleeps. The smooth curves of his lips give the impression that he is smiling as he breathes slow, rhythmic breaths. A part of me is yearning to crawl in beside him, to rest my head in the hollow of his broad muscular shoulder, to share in his warmth and to lose myself in a dreamless sleep.

Tommy's yawning voice suddenly breaks my reverie. "Don't know about you, Ally, but that's the best sleep I've had in ages."

I nod my head. "I guess Joe was right. Never thought that I could sleep out here... It must have been Mum. She helped us sleep."

Tommy smiles a sad smile. Unable to make eye contact, he walks over and joins Joe at the edge of the rock. Mimicking Joe's stance, Tommy folds his arms across his chest and stares out into the darkness too.

Taking the opportunity to have a quiet moment, I rifle through my rucksack to look at my provisions. I have never been much of a girlie girl, but as I rummage through my bag, I realise I have no brush, no toothbrush, essentially nothing that would make me feel a little more human right now. Life on the run officially sucks. Why is it that when you know that you can't brush your teeth your mouth feels the furriest it's ever felt?

Feeling hopeful, I realise there is a small chance that Joe may have something in his rucksack; the one that Will is currently sleeping on.

In an attempt to make do, I grab the water canister and take a mouthful, swishing the cool water around my mouth and quickly spit it out onto the ground.

Joining the others at the edge of the rock, I whisper to Joe, " Infected yet?"

He shakes his head. "No, nothing. Dunno if the girl has anything to do with it. I heard some far away in the distance, but nothing we need to worry about right now."

Tommy suddenly wrinkles his nose next to me and then dramatically cups his hands over his face, almost as though he is shielding himself from some mystery smell. Taking a step away from him, I suddenly feel paranoid that it's me. I quickly turnaround to do a breath test into my own hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

With a look of sheer disgust on his face, Tommy looks at Joe and me accusingly. "What is that smell? Did someone fart or something? If evil had a smell, it would smell like that!"

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