It's Not About Blood

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                I woke up to an empty bed. I hated that. I hated those days where Erica was home. I was selfish, I know. She really deserved to be with her dad sometimes, and I should be with Link and his family sometimes too, but I missed her. I felt lonely.

                I just stayed in bed and looked up at the ceiling for a long time. I finally sighed and got out of bed to shower and all of that other good stuff. I grabbed my phone as I walked and looked down. There was one unread text message, probably from Erica, which did make me feel a bit better.

                I think I’m going to tell him today. Will you come?

                I smiled a little before replying.

                Of course.

                I started the shower and undressed before getting in.

                I was standing outside of Erica’s house an hour or so later. I was wearing a pair of slim, dark blue jeans and a whit short sleeve button up and my hair was gelled into a faux-hawk. There were very few moments where I’d been as nervous as this. What if he didn’t like me? What if he said I couldn’t date his daughter?

                You wouldn’t let that stop you, would you?

                I would have to, wouldn’t I?

                Plenty of people aren’t ‘supposed’ to date who they do.

                But I don’t want to get her in trouble…

                I know, but would you rather leave her?

                No…I don’t want to do that…

                I’m sure it will be alright. She spends the night all the time, I’m sure he’s probably guessed.

                Yeah…I guess…

                I took a deep breath and walked up to the door. I held my hand up, hesitating a moment before I finally knocked three times.

                The door opened immediately and Erica smiled. “Hey you.”

                “Hey.” I smiled weakly.

                “You okay?” Those green eyes were looking deep into mine, as if searching for something.

                “Nervous.” I admitted quietly.

                “Don’t be. What can’t we get through together?” Her hand found mine and she squeezed it. “It’ll be alright. He’s a nice guy.”

                “Who is it Erica?” A deep voice sounded from behind her and the door opened wider.

                I felt my stomach drop and my heart stop.

                Holy shit.

                That’s a big guy.

                I’m going to die.


                Gee, thanks.

                Look at the size of that hand. Oh God. You’re dead. I lied. This won’t be okay. Be afraid. He is a scary looking guy.

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