Chapter 18: Memories Of The Past

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The cold air brushed against her skin, she had given her fur cape to Deigil. She remembered, she actually remembered. It made her feel warm inside. It was so long ago, yet it felt like yesterday.

"I missed you," Eredhelil said, she looked for the girls reaction. Deigil smiled and blushed a little.

"I missed you too. But, Ered, why?"


"Why did you act so cruel to the others? I know you, that's not.. Not you," Deigil asked and the girls smile faded. She could tell that this was not a happy reunion, it brought back memories that both of them would love to forget. They'd been told to forget, Deigil's mother blocked her memories, she was supposed to forget. But, the girl remembered, and so did Eredhelil.

~ 97 years ago - Deigil age 14, Eredhelil age 15 ~

"Ered! Look! I controlled my wings this time!" Deigil yelled in excitement, her voice boomed around the palace entrance way. She looked at her friend and laughed. She always admired how energetic the girl was.

"You know it's not that hard to control them if you try," she replied with giggles following. Deigil moved closer to her and pouted like a child.

"Fine, then show me how you control your horns," Deigil mocked and smiled. She let out a sigh and pushed into her mind. With all her power she summoned her horns. They came out of her head carefully, but the pain was unbearable for anyone who didn't know it. She always wondered if Deigil had felt any pain when she summoned her wings. The horns were a lovely grey color, they had been a gift from the gods, that's what her mother said at least. Gosh Deigil was such a child with her pouting, but it was kinda cute.

"There are you happy?" The winged girl paused.

"Yes," she answered in a small voice. "Did you hear? They set a ceremony date."

"Yes, I did." The room for silent and the air cooled. Deigil spoke.

"Do you like my brother? Do you even want to marry him? Or... Maybe there's someone else you love?" The word made Eredhelil stop, she'd never really thought about it. Did she love him? Her brother was the one who she was betrothed to, and he was a nice guy, but something was driving her away from him. Love. What did it mean to love someone? Did... Did her mother ever love her father? Most likely not, she disposed of him once he had given her an heir. So obviously she had no siblings. It was lonely, being all alone, being trained from birth to be vicious and heartless. "Ered?" She immediately snapped back into reality.

"Yes? Oh... Um. I don't know, I don't even know what it means to love someone, let alone have any experience with the emotion. My mother has always told me to not care about such silly emotions, to care about greed and revenge," she answered and felt warm hands on her cold ones. She looked up from her slumped position to see Deigil's beautiful red and gold eyes. One was bright red like her own, but the other was a gorgeous gold color, she was jealous sometimes of how beautiful Deigil was. She felt safe and happy when the girl was around, she got an ache in her heart when she wasn't. And every time her friend left for the night she would stay up all night dreaming of her, and what she would to the next day.

"Loving someone is when you want to be with them, want to be not just around them, but hold them. When you get excited about seeing them again, when they can make you laugh. When your heart yearns for them, when you think about them all the time. When you want to protect them at all costs. True love, is when you would do anything for that person, and vise versa." The answer was long and unavoidable, but it made sense. Although she did not at all feel that way about Deigil's brother, she knew she had felt it somewhere. All this talk of love made her want to puke, but at the same time, it was relaxing. Did she want to fall in love? Was that even an option being the princess of Ostwyn? She heard someone speak, the voice interrupting her thoughts.

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