Goddess of War(Thor/avengers fanfiction)

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You know Thor.
Do you know me?

Thor fell in love with earth. The beauty the innocence and even the denial that they had. Humans were stupid and naive to a default.

2 years has past since Loki was brought back to Asgard. My home. I wished to go to earth live there and see what their world was like. That was what brought me there. I asked my fathers permission. Never before had I expected he would say yes, but he did.

For a long while I lived in an apartment and no one turned their head twice at me, they just accepted that I was here and never questioned it, but they should have.

Until now. That's when things changed.

I sat in my small apartment. The architecture was pathetic. There were only two rooms, my bedroom and the kitchen which also led into a living room and dinning room.

'Im hungry'' I mumbled under my breath since no one else was home, standing up I started to walk into the kitchen to retrieve a snack.

My hair was blonde I looked like my father. Of course the only difference was I am a girl. I opened my fridge and I heard voices outside my door. I looked and I could see shadows too. Under the door, the little bit of light that escaped, I saw their movements.
''Crap' I said.

I think that the person who said it was trying not to be heard but I heard her.

''Standby, wait outside for me, if I yell shoot for hell'' she said. I gulped and ran around the kitchen to the hall. I stayed there as they broke down my door. A women who was slim and with really red hair walked in holding a gun, she looked skilled beyond words and I wondered what she was doing here.

''hello'' she said. She looked alone but from what I had heard she wasn't. I started to breathe heavily. I think that it might have been a mistake to come to earth. She disappeared from my sight and when I walked back out I was struck from behind. I didn't have that good combat skills though.

''Hello Asgardian'' she said as she looked down at me. I gulped ever so slightly.

''You could have knocked'' I said. She grinned.

''I don't think that would have worked'' she said. I frowned.

''You never know till you try, now what do you want'' I asked.

''Are you a threat?" she asked. I laughed, that was such a bland question that she had asked within seconds of being here.

''Oh this is sad I don't even know who you are or what your doing'' I said. She held her finger to her earpiece.

''Yes, I have her, what do I do'' she asked. I frowned.

She looked at me after getting her command. She hit me on the head with the end of the gun.
I blacked out. But not fully. They would barely have a few minutes before I woke up. A mask was held to my face and I coughed into it. Yep they were giving me something stronger.
Great, just great. My name is fully Isabella but I am called Bella. My father Thor fell in love with that name.

I am princess of Asgard. Now you might be thinking why would Asgard let their princess leave. Well it was only for a year and a year only. I had stuff to do back home.
I could feel my body been placed on a wall and my hands were bound to the wall. My head hung down my shoulders as I couldn't support it.

I could hear someone sit down on a chair.

I could hear the wall crack. Now that was because of me. Thor is the God of Lightning right. But what am I? I am still only young I haven't actually got my powers yet so they aren't tamed they happen when they want. I cant control them.

I groaned and opened my eyes. There was a man sitting on a chair. He was tall and well built.
He had an eye patch on and he had some scares on his face. Wearing a leather jacket he looked at me.

''I am not a monster, just ask next time'' I said. I could easily break my way out of these chains. Within a heart beat.

''I am afraid Isabella we couldn't take that chance'' he said. I rolled my eyes.

''My name isn't Isabella, its bella'' I said. He nodded and looked at me with curiosity.

''Are you like Loki?"he asked. I frowned my eyes brows at him, these people sure weren't subtle with their words.

''Dont even go there'' I said. He sighed slightly crossing his arms over his chest.

''We need to know'' he said. I stood up straight and ripped my hands out of the wall. I smiled at his reaction. I morphed my clothes into my clothes that looked like Thor's. They were slightly feminine though. Wedges insteed of boots. I rubbed my wrists where the chains had held me only moments ago.

''You were the one who dragged me in here'' I said. My eyes flickered red for a second.

''I mean no harm'' he said. I smiled slightly. There were people watching this. On a camera

''Fine'' I said. I sat on the ground and looked at the man.

''What do you want'' I asked.

''Many things, to get loki'' he said. I frowned.

''Hes in Asgard'' I said. He shook his head and stood up.

''Hes not, he escaped'' he said. I looked at the crack at the wall that I made. I stood up and traced it.

''What if I said your father is here'' he said. I didn't look at him.

''What is there to say, I would like to see him, but I have a feeling you have a different plan for me'' I said. The man nodded and I turned to look at him.

''Bella your wanted, because of your abilities, I want you to join a special team'' he said. I sighed.

''You want another freak to join'' I asked. He looked at me and shook his head.

''Your not a freak'' he said.

''I don't know what I am I am uncontrollable right now'' I said. My hands flickered red as flames slowly appeared. Fury pushed a button on the wall and a dart flung out. I turned and sighed. I let it hit me and knock me out.

After that I am sure I was moved to another room and my father was told that they had me.


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