Chapter 24

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(Tay POV)

2 And A Half Weeks Left Till Im Out Of Here... Im Ready To Be Done With College... Anyways If Yall Should Know My Cousin Is Out Of The Hospital And Well Again...

"So How You Feeling?" I Asked My Cousin Who Sat Across Me.

Me And Tion Was In The Mall. I Had To Take Her Shopping... Her Being In The Hospitals And All I Felt I Had To Gift Her With A Shopping Spree... But Now We Were Taking A Break In The Food Court...

"Im Alright" She Said.

"You Dont Feel Any Pain Or Nothing?" I Asked Her. I Was Curious And A Little Worried Because 75% Of The Time Heart Transplants Arent Successful.

"Tay Dont Worry Im Alright" Tion Said. "Its Like I Didnt Even Have A Transplant" She Added.

"Oh Ok Just Making Sure" I Said.

"Your Favorite Cousin Is Back And Im Back In One Good Piece" She Said.

"I Can See That" I Said. "Now How Teddy Treating You..." I Asked Her. I Know Teddy Aint Bad But I Just Wanted To Know If He Treating Her Like The Best.

"Great" Tion Said. "Even Doe Ive Known Teddy All My Life I Still Get Butterfly's When He Come Around And Get Shy And Feel Like Its A First Time Crush" She Said.

"Im Happy For Yall" I Said. "You Found Somebody To Love And He Found Somebody He Love... I Dont Think I Ever Seen Her So Happy" I Added.

"I Know... He Even Told Me He Wanna Marry Me And He Want Me To Have His Kids" Tion Said.

"Oh Lord I Love The Dream" I Said.

"You Know Gemini... I Think He Really Likes You" She Said.

"I Doubt It" I Said. "Do You Know What Dude Put Me Thru?" I Said.

I Mean I Shouldn't Be Looking At The Past But It's Real For Me To Say Im Scared... If He Was Like That In High School Then Imagine A Mad Grown Gemini...

"Tay That Was Ignorant Young Gemini... He Seem Different Now" She Said. "Have He Attempt To Hurt You Now?" She Asked Me.

"Well No" I Said.

"Teddy Tells Me He Comes By Your Job Everyday And Your House To Make Sure You Alright" Tion Said. "Is That True" She Added.

I Made A Face Not Wanting To Admit That She Had A Point... I Mean I Didnt See The Fact I Seen Geminis Face Everywhere As Him Worrying About Me... I Thought He Was Plotting Something... That Was Me Being Paranoid...

"Tay?" Tion Said.

"Yeah Its True" I Admitted. "I'll Admit I See His Face To Much" I Said.

"There You Go" She Said.

"But Tion Gemini Aint A Relationship Kind Of Guy He Just Isnt" I Said.

Wait, Why Do I Sound Like Im Interested?...

"Plus Im Not Interested Anyways" I Said.

"Judging By That Huge Ass Hickey On Your Neck... I Think Yall Already Getting It On" Tion Said Causing Me To Pull Out My Phone Quick And Pull My Mirror App.

"You Lying" I Said As I Looked For The Hickey.

"Wrong Side" She Said.

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