Chapter 2

“You’re back so soon?…I assumed you would be late for supper today.” Violet said on seeing Rose enter the Girls quarters.

“Time is always in my favour.” Rose replied and winked at her.

The girls dormitory  was located to the south of the campus, it was not too plush and not too shabby, you could call it a decent dorm that housed fifteen young girls in the age group of sixteen to nineteen. Rose was relieved to leave Dame Petal’s mansion and come stay with the rest in the quarters. She wasn’t too comfortable with Dame Petal’s rules and regulations when she lived in her mansion back then.

“Supper has been served.” Lady Oak knocked the entrance door of their room and announced. She was their care-taker, a hyper, middle age lady who displayed her displeasure in ballet,but secretly danced in her private room during gloomy nights.

All the girls reluctantly left their separate beds and followed each other, out to the main dining room.  This behaviour was not because they weren’t hungry, but because the type of diet that Lady Oak prepared for them. On Dame Petal’s recommendation, Lady Oak prepared a strict diet of greens and proteins. Honestly it was set to keep them healthy and fit, but due to its blandness and repetitiveness, the girls often found it unappealing and ended up eating  junk food whenever they had an opportunity to venture out of the campus. Daisy was a perfect example of unhealthy diet. Her flabby legs and enormous waist line reminded the rest that they had to control their eating habits.

“Did you notice…Daisy hasn’t eaten since shaman commented on her weight.” Violet whispered in Rose’s ear, as they both sat down next to each other, near the elongated table.

“That was an eye opener for her … he was finding it hard to breathe after he lifted her, remember?” Rose whispered back and added “With that weight she will surely kill him one day.”

Violet giggled and took few sips of broccoli soup as a formality, since she knew Lady Oak was watching everyone in the dining room.

There was pin drop silence in the dining room as Lady Oak inspected each at the table. She stared at the ones who would occasional whisper or play with their food. No sooner did she take two rounds around the table and leave, the girls broke the silence and started chattering and gossiping.

“I can’t wait for the carnival this winter.” One of the girls shouted in excitement for everyone to hear.

“I heard the Royal family might pay a visit there….I am so excited.” Another girl exclaimed and pretended to fan herself.

“Hold the excitement ladies, we have a performance at midstream theatre.” Rose interrupted and reminded everyone.

“Look who’s talking, the swan with two left feet.” Dandelion, the most snobbish of the lot, remarked from the other end of the table.

Rose wasn’t going to take an insult from Dandelion, she flinched and meticulously pulled the table cloth in such a way, that the bowl of hot broccoli soup overturned and fell on Dandelion’s lap.

“Ahh… it’s burning!” Dandelion shrieked and hopped around in circles, in an attempt to to wipe off the mess from her red skirt.

Everyone looked at her and laughed in amazement , while Rose and Violet playfully raised a toast and ended their supper for the day.

“Everyone, into the study room.” Lilly the eldest of them all ordered and waited for the rest to leave.

It was a routine, every day after supper, the girls had to give their attendance by visiting Lady Oak in the study room, before heading to their room. Hence after finishing their supper and poking fun at Dandelion, they all headed out.

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