Chapter 2/ Im g-gay.

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*Joey's POV*

I get off the bus, not far behind Shane. I check him out from head to toe. "DAT ASS!" I think to myself. I get so distracted from checking Shane out I bump into someone. It felt like I hit a wall! I look up to see a tall, muscular boy with anger in his eyes.

Sawyer: Watch where you're going nerd! He spits at me.

Then he pushes me out of his way and keeps walking. Walking right toward Shane...

Sawyer: Hey faggot did your daddy do that to your face!? I think you look better this way! How about we give you a makeover?!

I see a part of Sawyer's gang, Luke and Jimmy, hold Shane back and allow him to repeatedly punch him in the face. After he's finished they let go and Shane falls to the ground and lays there motionless. Sawyer then spits on Shane and says "See you during lunch fag!" and walks away.

I don't know what to do. Should I go help Shane or should I just let the teachers handle it... ah fuck it. I walk over to Shane and help him up. His nose is gushing blood and its covering that really sexy shirt.

Joey: Oh my God are you okay!?

Shane: Yeah, I'm fine. It's a regular thing, well, a daily thing.. But, don't worry about it I'm fine.

Joey: No your not your covered in blood and your nose is still bleeding.

I take off my shirt and pull off the white tank top from underneath and then quickly throw my shirt back on.

"Here, use this." I say. He tries to decline but I insist. So he takes the shirt and holds it up to his nose.

About that time Lisa came over to check on Shane, she didn't seem as worried though. I guess she's used to Shane getting pummeled everyday.

Lisa: Shane are you alright?

Shane: Yeah, come on let's go. Class is about to start.

I follow behind them and then speak up.

Joey: So what class do you have for first? I asked

Shane: We both have gym, all we ever do is walk around or play a game. So I enjoy it minus the fact that Sawyer is there but he usually waits to humiliate me at lunch.

Man, I really feel sorry for Shane, he goes through this EVERY day. At least he gets a break at home. Or does he? I heard Sawyer taunt him about his dad giving him that bruise but that can't be! There's no way someone's life could suck that much! And who knows why Sawyer decides to pick on Shane out of every kid in school. Shane's perfect. From his hair, to his smile, to his eyes. Too bad he's straight. I wish I could tell him I'm gay but I don't want kids to pick on me. I saw what they did to Shane, and for no reason! So who knows what they would do to me of they found I'm gay. Ok, I'm just not going to think about it.

*Shane's POV*

We all arrive in the gym and walk around for a while until the coach says my the last word I want to hear.


Coach: Okay I need two team captains. I choose Sawyer and, he points to Joey, what's your name son?

Joey: Joseph, I mean, Joey.

Coach: Okay, Joey you choose first!

I'm actually hoping he won't pick me so I can be on Sawyers team so he won't be able to hit me with the ball.

Joey: I choose Shane! He says a little to perky

Sawyer: Aww does Shaney poo got a boyfriend, how sweet!

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