The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 18 ]

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“If you must know, a need a little fun in my life right now.”

“I’ll be there in five!” She mentioned before the line went dead.

Oh Gabrielle Sanchez, I can always rely on you for moments like these.


Around forty minutes later, Gabby and I were dressed up and currently checking ourselves out in the mirror, for what I hoped would be a night to remember. Gabby smirked. “Dayyum, we look hot.”

I returned it with a not-so-modest smile of my own. “I know.”

Gabby was wearing a light purple strapless dress, which honestly didn’t leave much to the imagination – but that’s just my personal opinion. She wore silver high heels and had her hair in big curls that looked amazing on her.

I decided to wear a tight, fitted black dress that reached above my knees but still looked classy. I straightened my hair till it was dead straight and wore cream stilettos with silver jewelry. Black mascara covered my lashes, making them stand out in the most elegant way, a little light pink lip gloss was added and viola; I was done.

Always classy, never trashy…just a little bit nasty.


Fifteen minutes later, Gabby and I walked up to the front door of the house party. It was one of those stereotypical American parties – with loud music blasting, empty beer bottles strewn around the lawn and people everywhere – whether they were sitting outside making out or just talking. Oh, and of course, lets not forget the occasional drunk person stumbling around.

“So, whose party is this anyway?” I asked casually when Gabby rung the doorbell.

“You’ll see soon enough.”

The door burst open and my eyes widened.

Of course, it had to be Tyler’s party.

“Gabby baby,” Tyler kissed Gabby on the cheek and gave her a hug that lasted a second longer than necessary, “Glad you could make it.”

Tyler’s eyes landed on me.

“Chloe Armel, well isn’t this a surprise…” he breathed as he practically eye raped me right there.

“Sorry Tyler, I didn’t realize this was your party – or else I would have given you notice. I can leave if you want.”

He smirked, “There’s no way I’m letting that happen. Come in, enjoy the night.”

All three of us entered through the door and I was momentarily stunned. Tyler’s house was huge! Mansion was more fit for description. The temperature inside the house – mansion – was much hotter with all the people dancing and screaming the lyrics to the music. Most people had red cups in their hands and there was a mini bar at the side to refill their drinks.

I followed Gabby as she poured herself a drink and held one out to me. I shook my head, I never drunk at parties.

“Oh C’mon, one drink isn’t going to get you drunk.”

“Maybe so, but I’m most likely driving tonight.”

She shrugged as she gulped down the alcoholic contents, “Suit yourself.”

To be honest, driving was just an excuse. I’ve never actually drunk alcohol in my life, let alone at a party where the possibilities of drinks getting spiked were high.

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