It was as if my brain started to click into action, only when Charlie’s lips were millimeters away from my own.

I used all of my strength to push him off of me. I sat up and watched him lay down on the grass beside me. Sadness washed over his face, it broke my heart to see him like this.

I sighed, “I- we can’t, Charlie.”

His forehead creased in confusion – Charlie always looked adorable when he was confused. He was like a lost puppy. “Why not?”

Because you’re not Reece Carter.

“Because you’re my bestfriend and I love you so much, I could never risk the chance of losing you.”

He got up and looked into my eyes, searching for a sign that he still had a chance. When he couldn't find one, he sighed.

“I wish we were five years old again.”

I smiled, “Why?”

“Because I remember asking you to marry me in the sandpit, and you said yes.”

I burst out laughing at the memory, “Oh my God, yes, and you gave me one of those Lolly Rings at our ‘wedding’!”

“And we gave our first kiss to each other.” He chuckled as he overlooked the rosebushes in front of us.

It was true, I gave my first kiss to Charlie, as he gave his to me back when we were five – under the oak tree in kindergarten in front of all our friends while they screamed and assured us that we were going to get cooties and boy germs.

I lay my hand on his and made him look at me. “One day, you will find an amazing girl who’s perfect for you. Someone beautiful on the inside and out, someone who’ll make you laugh till your cheeks ache and your life meaningful.”

His blue eyes shimmered like the Summer Ocean, “Chloe, I’m looking at her right now.”

I put my arms around his shoulders, “Charlie, you deserve a girl who will love you right - someone who can return a million times the amount of love.” Hurt flashed through his eyes as he exhaled a deep breath. I hated knowing I was the reason for him feeling this way. Charlie’s fingers played with mine as he looked at them.

“I wish it was you.” He whispered just for my ears to hear as he held me in his arms and gently kissed my forehead. I laid my head against his chest and breathed in his familiar scent.

Who knew that the day would come where, Charlie King, my childhood bestfriend and Prescott Private’s biggest player would fall for me.


Charlie walked me home - things were a little tense. We didn’t really talk much but it was okay - I knew he needed a little time to himself to get over everything.

I collapsed onto my bed and let out a breath. It seemed like life was getting depressing…too depressing. I needed some excitement happening…I needed something to distract me from everything.

Suddenly, my eyes focused on my closet…full of dresses and heels.

With a smirk playing on my lips, I scrolled down the contacts in my phone and clicked the ‘Call’ button. After four rings, she picked up and I could hear people in the background.

“Hello?” she laughed.

“Hey, it’s me.”


“The one and only.”

“It’s a Saturday night, don’t you have homework or something?” she teased.

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