What does Fighting Solve ?

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"What does Fighting solve ? Everything plus you earn Respect ! Unless the person you fighting is petty / then you just earned the right of mind you whoop that person ass or they whooped yours ." - Kimberlallay


Chapter 51

Lisa P.O.V

We all had went back downstairs , after Dot came up And told us to get out his room .

His ass too weird , he came in the room and went straight to his book shelf.

"Why the fuck y'all touching shit fah !?" Dot said Fixing his books to stand more upright.

"It wasn't me ," I said holding my hands up in surrender.

" Lisa , Why you let all theses fools in my room ?" Dot asked looking at me.

"Hey ! Don't blame me ! You had the chance to tell them sit they ass down when you saw them coming up. And By the way you sent this fool up here to tell us don't touch ," I said poking Enrique head.

"Wait , Mate who you calling a fool ? I beg you call me fool again , I'll knock all your books off your shelf and play hop scotch on your bed ," Enrique said screwing Dot.

"All you get out mi room ," Dot said rolling his eyes.

I chuckled , covering the twins with the blanket and walking out the room with everyone else.

Enrique Made me get on his back as we all went down stairs.

"Y'all look like y'all never broke up ," Tori said smiling at us as we went down the stairs.

"We broke up ? When ?" I said looking at
Enrique's face smiling.

"I have no idea what that girl is talking about ," Enrique said kissing my cheek.

I giggled.

Tori rolled her eyes and walked next to Kyle , putting her hand around his shoulder earning a light shove from Kyle.

I chuckled at that.

Kyle hates Clingy people .

He's just not in to the clingy shit , unless it's necessary.

We all walked in to the living room where every one else was holding random conversation .

Enrique put me down on the couch and sat next to me putting an arm around my shoulder.

Divine was all cuddle up in Jacobs lap as they talked silently to each other .

Simoe , Tech , File , Rickey , Josh , Cheren , Connor , Michael and Brandon all where in a serious game of UNO .

Kyle , Erica , Tori and Dot sat in front of the Tv watching some movie Dot switch the channel to just now .

I looked at Skylar and he's the only one who looked out of place , just playing games on his phone and looking up occasionally to see if someone was looking at him.

I got up from next to Enrique and sat next to Skylar , earning a screw from Enrique .

"Why you being a loner For ?" I asked Skylar.

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