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*Imigie's POV*

I slowly opened my eyes and saw I was out in the snow, hands tied behind my back with Mike pushing me forward.

Next to us, Josh too had his hands tied behind his back with Chris pushing him forward.

"Why did you hit her?" Chris shouted to Josh. "Why did you have to fucking hit her?"

He punched Josh and I didn't say a word. This was going to be some serious shit happening.

"You punched Ashley you piece of shit!" Chris shouted.

"And you tied your girlfriend up to a table!" Mike said, cautiously dragging me further down the snowy path.

"I was so mad," Josh said. "I didn't want Imigie to take part in the prank. At least she tried to save my sisters."

"You don't hit a girl," Chris exclaimed, shocked. "You just don't."

"Guys," I said. "Explain to me what's happening."

The look on all of the guys' faces were nothing but an inch of sadness.

"I'm not hating you for saying something like what you said earlier," Mike said softly. "It's just for the best. I'm sorry I hit you earlier but I was pissed."

"Don't you dare hit her again Mike," Josh said. "You should be worried about Jessica."

I suddenly opened my eyes wide as a vision came to my head.

Start of vision: Jess was being dragged away from some kind of animal which I was now certain that it was the Wendigo. She was found on an elevator of a mineshaft. Jess had a cut across her chest and she was unconscious and weak. She was still alive because she tried to get up.

End of vision.

So Jess was still alive. Holy cow! I had to tell Mike immediately.

"Mike," I said boldly. "I need to tell you something. Jessica is still alive."

Mike look confused as hell, almost like he didn't believe me.

"No, she's dead," he said.

"No. I saw her. I had a vision of her. She's still alive. She was dragged to the mines by the Wendigo."

Mike shook his head then dragged me forward.

"Dude," Josh said. "Bro--"

"I'm not your bro," Chris interrupted.

We continued forward into the dark and snowy path. Josh was wearing nothing but his odd overalls over his rolled flannel and brown shirt he had on earlier. He has got to be freezing, right?

"Where are you guys taking me?" Josh asked.

"Locking you up bro," Mike said. "It's all your fault."

"I didn't do anything."

"Are you serious bro?" Chris wondered.

"You're a goddamn murderer is what you are," Mike snapped as he carefully dragged me further down. "While your girlfriend is telling stories. Might as well consider you both loony lovers."

"I'll make sure you'll see what I mean when I know about the Wendigo," I said nearly sarcastically.

No one listened as I was pushed forward, the cold starting to take a slight toll on me.

"Chris," Josh said. "Come on Cochise. We're partners."

"Don't say that," Chris snapped.

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