1- Icy Floors

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Hiccup was pretty much done with the world and with his dorm because none of them would shut up and let him study. So, since curfew was in a couple hours, he made his way down through the spiraling hallways to the courtyard, where the tree in the center was blossoming in the snow. Wait, snow? Was Hiccup's thought as his foot slid across the translucent ice on the already slippery floors. 

Dropping his books he groaned and looked up, green eyes taking in the sight of a boy with pale white hair and blue eyes. He was eye catching, as if his features were frozen in their utmost perfect moment, his tousled snowy hair resting a top his porcelain face. His eyebrows were furrowed in concern.

"Are you alright?" He asked, giving Hiccup a hand and pulling him up.

Certain that his face was red and feeling like he blushed in ugly red blotches like a tomato, Hiccup muffled a thank you and reached for his book on the ground. A graceful hand danced it's way to the text book first and gifted it to the hands of the brunette.

"You should be more careful," the blue eyed boy stated, "wouldn't want to injure such a pretty face."

A sudden breeze whisked the mystery boy away and when he disappeared, Hiccup felt his heart whine. Then he remembered the one key color had missed when he had been staring at the beautiful figure; the green on his scarf.

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