Chapter Thirteen "The Plains"

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Chapter Thirteen: The Plains

"I ask you one more time, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"  Echoed trough my head. I blinked a few times with my eyes, but saw only some blurry figures nearby, interrogating someone.

"Leave her, Adams. She might be of no use. Better dump her in de river nearby." A voice said. Then, I suddenly noticed I was still on the planet, and that the figure they interrogated was Carina.

As fast as I could, I tried to get up, but my hand didn't. I looked to them and saw they were tied to the tree behind me. I tried to pull them free, but nothing did help. I dropped myself against the tree, sliding back down. I looked around me to find something sharp, but instead of that, a pair of boots appeared in front of me. I looked up and saw the man grinning.

"Well well, are you trying to escape, little girl?" The man laughed.

"Please, let me go! I have nothing to do with this, I swear! I'm just a colonist!" I shouted.

"Seems that this one telling more then the other did. She might be useful." The man said against the other men that were behind him. Then he turned back to me.

"Well now, if you are a colonist, HOW did you survive?" He asked. I thought immediately of the Carthagans that might have protected me, but I'd better say nothing about that.

" it was just luck... I think so" I said very frightened.

"Just LUCK made you survive that bombardment? You can't fool me, there was something else!" The man said again.

"Please.... I know really nothing.... just let me go!" I screamed. The man backed away and turned around.

"It seems this one doesn't let go any details as well. Dump them both in the river then." He said.

There I stood, on the edge of the river Aque Dulcis. I only saw it on pictures, but in a few moment, I'd experience it myself. I looked behind me. The man behind me still stood there, grinning.

"I hope you have a nice trip!" The man laughed. As he gave orders, gunshots came from the forest behind them. Then, in all sudden, two men armed with rifles stood in front of them: Gregory and Connor. They aimed their rifles on the men.

"Let them go, NOW!" Connor yelled. I felt the barrel of a pistol against my head, as it was one of the men's pistols.

"Shoot and we kill them both!" The man yelled back. Not long after that, I saw Carina turning around and kick the man behind her in the river. I got dragged to the edge then, but Gregory shot the man down, and I fell on the ground. They had the main leader clear in their sight now.

"Hand over your weapon!" Connor yelled again. The man didn't react, so Connor shot him down.

Gregory went to Carina and freed her, while Connor walked over to me and cut the bounds.

"We thought you were dead, Keely!" Connor said, while he embraced me.

"I thought exactly the same!" I laughed. I saw Carina walking over to Connor, and giving him a hand.

"Carina Grizz,  Communication Office on the U.H.A.B.S. Fortune." She said.

"Uhm... Connor Adams, scientist..." He said nervously.

"I think we should get to the plains, right there." While Gregory aimed to the other side of the river.

The others looked and saw a great stretched plain, with different creature grazing on it...

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