5: Hearts of fear

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 Samantha's P.O.V:

"ARGH!" Connor screamed from the lounge. Loud crashes and bangs followed his terror filled screams. As I was coming down the stairs and looked in his direction, an empty cup rolled out of the lounge and found its way into the kitchen. What a lucky shot.

"SOMEONE! HELP ME! IT'S GOING TO KILL ME! IT'S GOING TO POISON ME AND THROW ME IN A CELL!" Connor yelled out again. Kid descended from the stairs followed by Patty and Liz and met me down at the bottom. 

"What's going on?" Patty asked with eyes filled with curiosity. Kid said nothing and didn't look me in the eyes, nor at me at all. He seems to be in deep thought and not at all worried about the fact that my partner is screaming his head off. 

I shrug in response to Patty and lead the way into the lounge where Connor is standing on top of the coffee table cowering in fear. He's kicked off the vase that is usually placed in the center, and the black table cloth has been ruffled up into a bunch. All I can think to do is sneak a glance at Kid and see how he's coping with that.

His fists are balled and his eyes have a frustrated look in them, but he stays quiet. 

"GET IT AWAY! GET IT AWAY!" Connor yells out swiping his hand in the general direction of where whatever it is that scared him. His voice was pained and fear stricken. His whole body is shaking and I can tell that if none of us moves forward to take care of the problem, he will most likely cry. 

I don't like seeing him like this. It always makes me sad.

"Connor," I call calmly whilst moving forward. The other three stay behind me and watch my actions. The blonde turns his head to me slightly with the most terrified look I've ever seen on him. "Can you move towards Liz and Patty?" I ask in a soft tone.

The softness helps him relax a little but he's not out of the danger zone yet. Connor tries moving off the table, but with each movement comes the shaking of fear. It's like he can't. Like he's paralyzed. I gesture to Liz and Patty to help Connor off the table, and they get the drift. Kid just stands there doing nothing but observing.

I make my way over to the window and withdraw the curtains letting some light in revealing the cause of Connor's screaming and cries. 

A black thing in the corner of the window sill, about the size of my fist. Hairy legs and creepy eyes that stare right into your soul.

"What is it?" Kid asks coming up beside me. 

"What does it look like? It's a spider." I say like it's the most obvious thing in the world. It is. He should have been able to tell as soon as he saw it.

"Connor's afraid of spiders?"

"Well obviously! You saw how he reacted to seeing it." I grumbled.

"I think anyone would be scared of them. They're so ugly and ew," Liz commented, shivering at the thought.

Kid raised his arms in defense. "You've made your point," he mumbles. I roll my eyes at him and scoop my hand under the eight legged beast and having nowhere to go backwards, the little creature runs into my palm. 

"K-K-KILL IT!" Connor shouts. I feel like I can hear his heartbeat from here going way over the speed limit. "KILL IT! DESTROY IT! GET IT AWAY!"

"Shh Connor, it'll be okay, see?" I soothe, covering my other hand over the spider and blocking it from his eye sight. Now that it was trapped in my hands Connor let out a shaky breath in order to calm his nerves.

"Would you two be able to get him some water and keep his mind off of the spider?" I asked Liz and Patty. They smiled and nodded then headed off to the kitchen. An unsteady Connor traveled along with them and glanced back at me. I sent a reassuring smile his way. He attempted one back and then shivered. Patty grinned up at my partner and dragged him away into the kitchen.

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