Get To Know You

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**there is a lot of switching POVs but it helps you to understand future blehz dont care.**

Ally's POV 7:45 a.m.

I stormed into homeroom and handed Mr. Green my homework. I was still steaming over the nerve of that new kid! He could have at least showed a little respect, I did open his locker for him.

Yes, I spaced out twice, but it was under good reason. He's hot and new. Who wouldn't space out?

I mean, eyes with gold specks, messy hair, a great smile. If he had a personality to match his looks I would love him forever!

The bell rang and tons of kids started swarming in, most of which handed over their homework. Mr. Green slipped the papers in a white, plastic bin and got up to shut door since he doesn't like noise while teaching. And much to my dismay, in walked that new kid.

"And who might you be?" Mr. Green politely asked. He was over 50 and a sweetheart. It easily made him the favorite teacher of most students.

"I might be the new kid, Colton." He replied, or might I say Colton replied. Colton handed Mr. Green his schedule showing that this is the right class and he turned his head to get a look at the class, smirking when he saw me sitting in the back. Mr. Green nodded at him waving his hand around with the universal meaning, "Find a seat anywhere that's open."

Colton started to walk down the aisle with his shoes squeeking on the clean tiles, passing many intrigued students trying to make an open seat for him.

Who knew one new student would get people to actually look alive in class.

Colton kept walking until I smelled the scent of cheap body spray. Overload of it, too. I do not remember that scent emitting from him at our locker meet and greet.

"Uh 'scuse me but your blocking the flow of fresh air, please move." I said not even looking up at him.

"Don't mind if I do."

I looked up to see what he was talking about only to see the back of his head. Is he serious? I slide my desk over and look at clock praying class is almost over. Nope.. twenty minutes left. Mr. Green started talking about Edgar Allen Poe and his weird life, but I could care less honestly. I have read all his poems and some biographies on him, what he teaches is out of an outdated textbook.

I put my textbook up and got my notebook out of my bag so I could start to draw. I was halfway through a line when my paper was ripped from my hands. I looked up with my returning anger, letting the sting of a fresh paper cut fuel my hate fire.

Colton's POV 7:45 a.m.

Well geez, girls here sure are different if they can't handle my snark comments and stuff.

There was no reason for that girl to slam her locker. She was spacing out like crazy, I had every reason to be smug.

I put all my junk in my locker and looked at my schedule, Mr. Green for AP Literature. Oh fun... I closed my locker and headed to the room, E405.

I slipped in right before a 50 year old man started closing the door and met the eyes of about 20 teenagers. With the stares I was recieving I might of well have been an alien.

"And who might you be?"

"I might be the new kid, Colton." I handed him my schedule and let out a sigh. I looked around one more time and bingo, of course she is in here, it's an AP class. I deemed her to be the smart type. Who smiles while getting textbooks?

Mr. Green started waving his hand in a gesture towards the classroom. The elders indication for people to go sit where ever.

I started making my way to the back smiling, who wouldn't be excited at this point? She seems like a fun little one. I ignored the other students who actually made an effort to make me feel more hospitable and stood in front of the uninterested brunette.

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