"Bad puns and plans"

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I'm really happy everyone is giving so much positive reviews for this story! Though i appoligize for the long updates. This is going to be a shorter chapter but the main event is just around the corner. Stay tuned!

Papyrus returned soon after exhausted from the excitement Undyne had put him through. He removed his hat and trotted up the stairs to Sans's room which was closed shut like always. But Papyrus was too excited to share his adventures with sans that he opened the door anyway, though knew his brother would probably scold him later for barging in uninvited.
"Hey sans! You won't believe what Undyne did~!-"
Papyrus flinched as he heard the crinkling of paper and the thud of a droor being closed.
"hey pap..didn't expect you to come home so early, heh"
The younger was completly baffled.
"Early? But it's already dark outside!" He puffed out his cheek bones.
"Its like you never come out and play anymore..Your no fun Sans!"
Sans turned to his brother with a light chuckle, but it was obvious he was hiding something.
"yeah well, I'm not as young as I used to be"
ya know, since human skeletons are dead. and the dead are usually old."
The older skeleton laughed. Despite how mentally taxing the project had been on him, Papyrus was always able to brighten his day. That was just the way his little brother was.
"Geez Sans..ah! How about this! You come play with me and Undyne tommorow! It'll be a well earned break!"
A grin. Papyrus knew it was an offer Sans would definitely not be able to refuse. He noticed the slight sigh of relief.
"fine by me. i'll explain to dad tommorow."
The younger made his way back to the door, peeking his head out from behind the hinge to add one last thing.
"And Sans?"
"yeah pap?"
"Dont push yourself too hard okay?"
And with that he left.

Sans silently closed his door once agian alone in the privicy of his own room. He took out the blueprints once agian, just studying them. With a good natured shrug he put them back in his drawer without a second thought. As papyrus had said, he deserved a break. He walked over slowly and lay back in his bed. Tommorow couldn't come sooner.

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