"Scientist's Apprentice"

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Mostly in Sans's POV

Thanks to popular demand I continued the story of Baby Bones. I appoligize for the long wait.
Enjoy! ^u^

A year had past when Sans was just starting his next grade when Gaster told him the news.
"Son, I want you to be my apprentice. You'll study with me to become a scientist 24/7. Isn't it wonderful?"
His father seemed bursting with pride.
But sans looked nervous
"Aw gee pop, that's great but ..what about pap?"
"Papyrus decided to continue school. He seems determined that education will provide him with his own future." His father answered, less enthusiasiam clear in his voice.
Sans stood there in shocked silence.
"Your brother just .. doesn't have the ability to learn about what I do here."
Gaster put his hands on Sans shoulders forcing him to face him.
"You must understand, your brother is.. too pure. He wouldn't be able to handle what I'm about to teach you."
After a moment of hesitation Sans nodded briefly. He himself understood how fragile Papyrus was. Just one mistake would set him off. He tried to be cool, he really did. It was all an effort to make other monsters notice him, although it was also his nature of course. Pap had enough stress to deal with. As his faithful big brother, he decieded he would take on this challenge for the sake of his peace of mind.
But what sans didn't know was that he had no need to worry. As the the brothers sat around the dining room table papyrus seemed bursting with happiness. He didnt even seem to notice that their father hadn't returned from work. At times like this, the only opinion that mattered most to him was his brother's. Sans was almost unnerved, it was almost like pap was shaking in his bones. He decieded to figure out the cause.
"hey bro, spit it out before you die a second time"
Now all attention was on the younger monster.
"seriously pap, what's got your bones so rattled?"
"Well sans, for your information the great papyrus just made his first friend today!"
Since the chairs were reletivly close to each other Sans reached over and pat his brothers head warmly. Not that there was much there, it was the thought that counted.
"I'm proud of you Lil bro. I knew you could do it."
Papyrus grinned back happily.
"Yeah! She said her name was ..Undyne. It's kinda an odd name but I didn't say anything."
Before Sans was able to reply a knock was heard at the front door. Papyrus hopped off his chair to open it. A familar face was on the other side. The older brother watched somewhat curiously from where he was.
"Hello Undyne! What brings you to my humble abode?"
"I came for you dummy!"
She motioned to the sled behind her with her thumb. Sans couldn't help but notice a short yellow dinosaur blushing behind a tree, eyes full of longing to join in he supposed. As soon as thier eyes met she hid just as quickly as she had peeked out. The two didn't seem to have noticed her.
"Wanna come?"
"Oh yes! See you later, sans!"
He waved a final goodbye to his brother before dissipearing off with Undyne. Sans felt a slight pang in his heart but choose to ignore it. He felt happy for pap, he deserved all the happiness in the world. Turning his back on the doorway, he traveled upstairs to his room. Quickly checking behind him as if to see if anyone had followed he shut the door tight. Reaching into his front pocket he spread out an unknown blueprint on the table. On the top read "Time Machine".
His father's greatest invention entrusted into his own bony hands.
Sans was still young but even he knew the impact this machine could have if it was ever finished. However, he and the few other employees were told the machine could not be used under any circumstance; unless it was a true emergency. Sans mind suddenly began to drift back to the facility tour his father had put him through months earlier. One room was strickly forbiden. The Core. Falling in meant certain death in the ultimate worse way possible. When Gaster had tried to explain the consequences Sans hadn't entirely understood everything. But he knew that no matter what he couldn't tell anyone about anything the team were working on. It was confidential as Gaster had put it. Most of all, he couldn't let Papyrus know.
Who knew the worst possible mistake was right around the corner.

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