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I stared at him with disgust, the pain and memories of all his abuse haunted me. Every night I would wake up with the horrible nightmares, screaming and sweating. All because of him, my so called mate. The one man who's supposed to love me unconditionally and treat me well.

I never even did anything to him to cause this, he didn't even have an issue with my pack that could cause this. So, why he abused me is beyond me. I'm no longer to dwell on it.

"Please, just let me explain." He pleaded.

"You have no excuse, Alaricas, you're an abusive man. You're one hell of a sick person and I'd rather die than have you as my mate." I spat.

Tears pooled into his eyes, only causing me to laugh at him. He seemed so broken as he watched me, pathetic.

"I, Jolene Flare, reject you, Alaricas Cain, as my mate and alpha."

I could see the pain on his face as our bond broke, disconnecting us. I gave him one last glare before getting into my car and driving off.

I'm finally free from that bastard.

A/N: Yes, I'm re-writing. It was rushed before and I wasn't happy with it.

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