The Hall is crowded and noisy like always, people sitting in their groups, laughing and talking. The feeling that flows around is a light and cheerful, even though there isn't any progress with discovering the attacker, or opening the doors to the outside world anytime soon. Despite everything, I am one of those people who feel no need to worry at the moment, I have felt that way since Saturday night. I'm not sure exactly what Tommy and I are at the moment, friends or more, and I haven't had time to talk to him alone, but I'm not letting anything ruin my good mood. A week has passed and the events are still playing over and over in my head, his lips against mine, the cold air, my back to the wall.

"Earth to Bella." Levi's voice snaps me out of my day dream.

"What?" I ask, startled.

I meet Levi's bright green eyes, and find myself questioning my belief again. Am I wrong? Is it just a coincidence that Levi happened to not be in sight during every attack, and then show up after?

"I said," he begins, smiling at me, "that if you had to chose an element to study next year, which would you chose?"

I shrug my shoulders. "I don't know."

"You'll most likely have to chose." Sophia tells me, "It might be a requirement when you start your second year."

"I still have time then." I say, going back to staring at the news paper in front of me, which I hadn't even been reading to begin with.

The memory comes to mind again, and I am aware of Tommy sitting next to me, close enough that when I move my arm, it brushes against his. It feels like it was a dream, but I know it isn't, I just still can't believe it had happened.

I zoned out again, but am brought back to reality when I hear Tommy and Levi speaking, their voices raised louder than usual. Even if they aren't raised, I'd still be concerned if they are talking to each other, that seems to be something they avoid.

"Sure, whatever." Tommy says flatly to Levi's remark was.

"I know we've had our issues in the past, but whatever your deal is now, it's different, and I'm tired of the suspicious glares. What's your problem?" Levi questions, his voice cold.

"My problem?" Tommy raises an eyebrow. "What's yours?"

Levi scoffs and declares. "I asked you first."

"And I'm not answering."

"If you really care what my 'problem' is, it's the way you seem to blame me for all this." He motions to The Hall around him, referring to the attacks.

"I never said I was blaming you." Tommy points out, eyeing him questionably, most likely just to infuriate Levi farther.

"Then what the hell-"

"Stop!" I suddenly exclaim. I didn't care about the looks the other people near us are giving me for suddenly yelling, but I can't take it anymore. "Both of you just stop! No one is blaming anyone, we all have the same goal."

I want to believe that more than anything.

Levi's laugh, normally amusing and carefree, holds no amusement at all. "You really think I don't see it from you too, Bella."

His words strick me harder than I care to admit.

"Or," He continues. "They way you two have been acting. Don't think we don't know there's something going on, and it's not about these attacks."

Before I can reply, Levi is on his feet and heading for the door. I sit, frozen for a few moments, before I am up and trailing him, ignoring Tommy's words of protest. Levi has a point, lately things haven't been about the attacks, and even with evidence, we are still clueless as to what we are really doing. I remember burning the attacker's arm, and I pray that it hasn't healed yet. The left arm, I remember, that's the one I burned.

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