"Well that's not that much," I said with a chuckle.

"You must keep in mind the fact that I normally have at least four people to cook for," she chuckled with a smile. "In this case, I have all of Block B saying they're coming so this is going to be a really busy year..."

"I feel so bad for you," I sighed with a frown. "You work so hard!" She shrugged nonchalantly and then stretched her arms over her head with a yawn. I stood back in surprise as she did a cartwheel on the sidewalk and then grinned at me.

"Wow that felt great!" My mouth fell open and she cocked her head to one side. "What is it?"

"Who are you and what have you done with the real Hyorin?" I demanded with wide eyes. She smirked and crossed her arms causing me to chuckle. "Shall we go open up shop?"

"We shall," she giggled with a nod. I smiled and skipped down the sidewalk behind her until we got to the 'Paesyeon Chingu'. Hyorin opened the store doors and then flipped the sign to say 'open'. "Are you ready for another riveting day of work? It's your practice day." I groaned and plopped down in a seat as someone walked inside. She looked like an excited fan and I sighed.

"Ummm, excuse me?" she ventured slowly, looking at Hyorin with huge eyes.

"Yes, may I help you?" she asked gently.

"Uh, you did the outfits for SHINee-Oppas, right?" Hyorin nodded in agreement and the girl broke into a huge grin. "I just wanted to ask if you have any of the replicas of their clothing yet."

"Actually, I do, but it's not set to be released until the next season. I apologize for any inconvenience," Hyorin said quickly with a frown.

"Oh no, it's fine! I guess I'll wait then! Oh, could I have your signature?" Hyorin's eyes widened in surprise and she nodded stiffly before signing a book for the girl and handing it back to her. She squealed and thanked her before rushing out excitedly.

I sat back in my seat with a smirk and chuckled. "I guess you're picking up some fans of your own, huh Hyorin?"

"That's beside the point U-Kwon. I'm a stylist and fans can't get in the way of my job," she said firmly. "Either way, I am looking ahead with some confidence now. Maybe things will get better."

I sighed and stared out of the window at the darkening sky before mumbling, "Things always get worse before they get better..."

•• Apartment ••

Hyorin and I scampered into the apartment building, shielding our heads from the heavy winds and freezing stormy weather. I shook out my hair before walking stiffly up the stairs and drifting straight through the apartment door. Hyorin opened the door and walked in with a sigh.

"Remind me why I gave you a set of keys when you can just walk straight through the door?"

"A very good question, but come on Hyorin, I'm a decent guy! It's not like I'm just going to walk through your door all the time. I'll just do that when I'm tired and lazy from working," I said nonchalantly. "I don't just waltz in when I want to." She raised an eyebrow and I released a frustrated huff of air. "I don't do that most of the time."

"Better," she commented with a smirk. "Do you want something to eat?" I shook my head and she shrugged before going to the kitchen. I shuffled through the mail before coming face-to-face with a mysterious letter. There was no return address but it was still addressed to Hyorin and had her address on it.

I carefully opened it and stared at the cursive Hangul that scrawled across the page. "Hyorin,

If you are reading this, then I am gone. I have been gone for a while now. I just want you to know that we didn't abandon you. There was a reason that we got into a fire fight and there was a reason we died. You must carry on the family Hyorin. You alone must undo the wrongs that we have done.

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